Dead Canadian billionaires company Apotex connected to Clinton Foundation and Haiti relief efforts scandal




                                             From Apotex: Port-au-Prince, Haiti., Sept. 10, 2014 – As the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus continues to spread throughout the Americas, humanitarian organization Direct Relief delivered enough medicines to treat one million people – or nearly one in 10 Haitians – to its warehouse in Port-au-Prince. The shipment, designated for Haiti's 904 Public Health and Population sites and Direct Relief's other partner hospitals, contains more than 6.1 million Defined Daily Doses of pain relievers, oral rehydration packs, antibiotics, IV solution, malaria tablets, and mosquito spray. Generic pharmaceutical company Apotex generously donated more than $2.2 million of the $2.6 million (wholesale) in medical aid.
                                    "When a fast-spreading virus like chikungunya impacts people who already struggle to access health care, it is important to provide hospitals and clinics with the supplies they need to meet the growing demand for care," said Jeff Watson, Apotex's President, US and Canada (Apotex Corp/Aveva/Apotex Inc.) "Apotex is in a position to help, and we are delighted to work with Direct Relief to fill those gaps."
                                    Well it took about a month, but the discovery of this billionaires company Apotex and it's connection to Haiti relief efforts shows you whats really behind this Canadian couples death. It only took a month later, but the Apotex website pretty much shows who murdered this pharmaceutical billionaire couple from Canada. (Who were friends with Hillary Clinton's Frank Guistra)..As Apotex has been part of the Clinton so called relief effort in the island nation of Haiti. 
                                     These wouldn't be the first people who mysteriously died connected to the Clinton's Haiti, as multiple other doctors connected to Haiti have died, Haiti leaders, and even a strange Linkin Park Clinton Foundation connection with Haiti as well. When billionaires die in murders or celebrities always look to see if there just happens to be a Haiti/Clinton Foundation connection, and that has been discovered once again with this billionaire couple from Canada....As there pharmaceutical company Apotex is directly connected to Haiti and boom they are now both dead.



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