How A Band Of Bay Area Advocates Wiped Out The Criminally Corrupt Gawker Media

Inside the Delightful Suicide of Gawker

- Sister Scum: Gizmodo, targeted with twice as much punishment

- Nick Denton “doesn’t deserve to exist” say victims of Gawker/Gizmodo global attacks

- Every attack blogger for Gawker/Gizmodo under public surveillance “for life..”








by Kyle Smith


Good riddance.

In the history of giving a hostage to fortune, John Cook, a former editor of the former online poison party known as Gawker, merits a special place. He has this to say about his professional aims: “I wanted to write true things about bad people . . . being bad or obnoxious or cruel or unkind.” When enemies had been so identified, he says, “We could give ’em ‘what fer.’”

Unkind! Gawker saying its mission is to make war with the unkind is like the Queen of England decrying nepotism. Gawker’s very escutcheon was cruelty, obnoxiousness, unkindness. It published stories too nasty and sleazy for tabloids, and wrote them up with sophomoric zeal for vulgarism and profanity. I happily worked at tabloids for many years, but I felt ashamed of myself every time I read Gawker. I can hardly imagine what it must have been like actually to work at such a flatulence farm, a scum ranch, an academy of pus.

Still, Gawker had every right to publish. Until it didn’t. Everything it did was protected by the First Amendment. Almost. The flame merchants set fire to themselves when Gawker published, without the permission of either participant, a surreptitiously recorded sex tape that depicted the wrestler Hulk Hogan (real name: Terry Bollea) and the wife of his friend in flagrante. With his legal team secretly funded by the Silicon Valley entrepreneur and billionaire Peter Thiel — whom Gawker had “outed” in 2007, and who rightly considered killing Gawker to be a public service or perhaps an act of hygiene — Hogan sued Gawker and its founder Nick Denton into bankruptcy. Now Gawker is no more, having lived its surly life like a candle in the wind, or rather like a blowtorch that was incinerated by a much larger blowtorch.

There is much boo-hooing about all this in a new Netflix documentary on the matter, Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, which strings together news footage and fresh interviews with talking heads, almost all of them arguing on the side of Gawker. One wonders about the logistics of filming this kind of documentary: Surely an on-site shower must be provided so that interviewees may go immediately into delousing mode after defending the rankest little squad of churls in this media century? Almost in passing we learn, from a lawyer for Hogan, that after the tape was posted, he requested merely that it be taken down in the name of decency, promising to walk away from the matter with no further ill will. Citing decency to Gawker turned out to be about as useful as requesting a dog stop sniffing the hindquarters of its colleagues.

Many of the interviewees huff about the First Amendment, and yet not one of them explains how “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” applies to publishing a sex tape made without permission. A Florida jury was asked to consider the following questions: Was posting the video offensive to a reasonable person? Was it devoid of news value? Did Gawker founder Nick Denton participate in posting the video? The answers to the first and third questions are hardly debatable. As for news value: If Hogan’s sex tape is fair game, whose isn’t? Given that women are the usual targets of this sort of thing, it’s surreal to hear so many members of the supposed Party of Women (™) say that there is a legitimate public interest in viewing any famous person’s bedroom activities. Try to imagine liberals making the case that Breitbart has the First Amendment right to publish a covertly recorded sex tape involving, say, Tina Fey or Rachel Maddow simply because some sleaze merchant shopped it to them.

Asked in a deposition about what celebrity sex tapes he wouldn’t publish, one Albert J. Daulerio, another former Gawker editor and the author of a snarky blog post accompanying the Hulkster’s sex tape on the site, is seen saying, “If they were a child.” Under what age? “Four,” he says, and the jury that heard this could no longer entertain any doubts about the sort of people with whom it was dealing. With that single word of smug facetiousness, the company’s doom was sealed. Live by the snark, die by the snark.

Daulerio, interviewed later for the film, adds that, “Clearly I’m kidding. Who would actually think that? And I was just reacting to a person that was sitting across from me who was doing everything possible to take away something that I loved. Which was Gawker. And harm them. And, you know, I reacted.” Well, I suppose Jeffrey Dahmer enjoyed his work too. What’s notable in the exchange is not that Daulerio made a tasteless joke but that, given the opportunity to prove he had some standards, he pointedly declined.

The late infusion of Thiel into the story made it irresistible. Gawker loathed Thiel even more than it hated Hogan. It learned to its chagrin that the new enemy whose privacy it had invaded was destroying it with the aid of an old enemy whose privacy it had also invaded, a man who in the bargain was a proponent of libertarian ideals that made the Gawker leftists furious. Gawker got a merciless tag-team karma-slapping.

Try to follow Denton’s logic about why he felt that outing Thiel was a kind of righteous duty: “The common perception among straight people is that one’s personal life is a personal prerogative. Except that pretty much every single married straight executive with kids will talk about their wife and will talk about their kids and will be asked about their wife and will be asked about their kids. That’s seen as being biographical detail. I’m a gay guy and to my mind it is simply insulting for different standards to be applied to gay people than are applied to straight people. I don’t see any reason why we should treat it as something shameful to be kept secret so I’ll push back very, very strongly against that.” In other words, any gay person who chooses to be quiet about it runs afoul of Denton’s zeal for proselytizing. All gay people must adhere to Dentonian dogma on this, or be punished. Who made him the pope of the gays?

The fulminating in the movie about the perniciousness of Thiel’s role is a bit hard to credit given that liberals generally adore the idea of deep-pocketed entities’ funding the shallow-pocketed ones who have been wronged by the powerful. Substitute “Sierra Club” for “Peter Thiel” and ask liberals if they remain suspicious of third-party lawsuits.

As for the First Amendment, it doesn’t extend into Hulk Hogan’s bedroom unless his actions there are newsworthy. Just because someone sends you a sex tape doesn’t give you the right to publish it. “Chilling effect”? No, merely the establishment of a very bright, clear line: Don’t publish people’s sex videos without permission.

Gawker was just about the only press outlet that would consider doing such a thing in the first place. Now it’s gone, and freedom of the press carries on.



Next Steps for the Extermination of Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision, et al:

1. Add Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision prostitute and rent boy uses to master Google docs files

2. Send duplicates of reports previously provided to James Comey to Christopher Wray at the FBI

3. Add Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision tax evasion records to master Google docs files

4. Add Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision political party past work records to master Google docs files

5. Update every case file on each Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision past and present worker in master Google docs files

6. Begin Gizmodo lawsuits

7. Launch Gizmodo expose' national news articles

8. Release videos of London young men who claim to have been abused by Nick Denton

9. Release videos of Manhattan young men who claim to have been abused by Nick Denton

10. Add Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision political email communications with Obama White House to master Google docs files

11. Privately contact Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision current and ex-staff and offer cash awards for whistle-blowing

12. Submit formal "requests for charges" with SEC, FBI, FTC, IRS, FEC, FCC, GAO, DOJ and other agencies

13. File Grand Jury requests

14. Prepare rapid-response story points for the Gang-of-20 reporters to counter any Gawker/Gizmodo façades of First Amendment rights with proof of why Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision gave up their rights by engaging in crimes

15. Follow-up on filing of formal letters of notice with SEC, FBI, FTC, IRS, FEC, FCC, GAO, DOJ, U.S. Congress and on public record swearing, warranting and certifying knowledge and proof of the fact that Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision are financed by, and operated on behalf of, the Obama and Clinton campaigns, received money and other compensation from those campaigns and their financiers and undertook lethal and malicious attacks on U.S. citizens, in a conspiratorial manner for the Obama and Clinton campaigns

15. Prepare for Phase Five... "


The next time Nick Denton decides to try and kill someone, he had better aim better...

BCC: Congressional Investigations, Law & Regulatory Enforcement Agencies US & EU, FSB, CIA, FCC, SEC

The Gawker case has entered the final ring of hell as IRS tax fraud investigations, money laundering probes and political financing felony investigations zoom in, with laser-like focus, on every writer, intern and money-bags backer at Gawker. The Gawker case is getting extended, and extended and extended as more charges and evidence roll in. People are wondering why Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her staff, of the DNC, was coordinating with Gawker Media!

Lawyers are quitting the case in droves. Gawker and Gizmodo are starting to realize that when they decided to use their media outlets as hired character assassination tools, they didn't realize that payback would last for the rest of their lives!

Gawker's Russian billionaire financier is under deep investigation relative to the attacks on Trump using fake Russian fronts. The FBI and Interpol are now saying that "they can't comment on an ongoing investigation..."   ...always a good sign!

Lawyer Who Felled 'Gawker' Sues Gizmodo, 'Deadspin'

Lawyer Who Felled 'Gawker' Sues Gizmodo, 'Deadspin ... He is represented by the same attorney who represented Hulk Hogan in the Gawker lawsuit. Toggle navigation. News.

Lawyer Who Felled 'Gawker' Sues Gizmodo, 'Deadspin' - Long Room

It's for another lawsuit seeking major damages — and it's the ... Gizmodo Media is the company formed to continue publishing the former properties of Gawker ...

Gizmodo Sued and Targeted for Extinction - the London ...

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CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story (Emily ...

Emily Smith / New York Post: CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story. ... NY — Gizmodo. Features Editor, NY — Deadspin. Staff Reporter ...

How To Wipe Out Corrupt Entities - GIZMO: News Dominance ...



Gizmodo is getting sued and investigated even more than usual. Take a look:



Does Gizmodo Only Hire Sex Perverts, Demo-pedes and the Mentally Unbalanced?

A Research Project.


- Gizmodo and Jalopnik: 100% propaganda operations for Obama, Clinton and the DNC

- The sickest people in the world get hired by these publications in order to exploit their mental instabilities as patsy’s for political profiteering

- At Gizmodo, anal sex is almost as important as pizza to the twisted writers of the inner sanctum

- Gizmodo’s Adrian Covert spear-headed the assassination group at Gizmodo and then moved over to CNN to run the Trump character assassination effort at CNN, through various cover ops


By Fredericka Unson and Kyle Lee

Gizmodo staff use their social media to blog about what they do after work and where they go for night-clubbing and hooking up. We took that as a publicly promoted invitation to join them for socializing. We spent 3 months “bumping into” Gizmodo writers and editors after work. This is what we found out.

Gizmodo is Gawker Media under a different title. The name is slightly different, but the people, political agenda and mission are exactly the same. Gizmodo is Gawker Media trying to evade Peter Thiel, and and other past victims, of the Gawker/Gizmodo commercial character assassination services created by Nick Denton.

The conversations, invites and insights we were offered overshadowed even the darkest rumors about Gizmodo.

A large part of Gizmodo is comprised of angry homosexuals looking for social payback against society. They spent a large part of their time spare time talking about who put their penis in whose mouth, or anus, and how they can get their penis in whose mouth or anus. The main reason they work at Gizmodo is to get enough money to buy rent-boys or to pay for enough fancy Gotham drinking to get their target Bill Cosby’d into a compliant state.

Another part of Gizmodo is comprised of drug-culture enthusiasts who plan their nightly drug intake like a gym enthusiast plans his workout. This group is rarely on time to work in the morning. This group has a demonstrably large set of sociopathic and schizophrenic modality expressions.

Another part of Gizmodo are DNC operatives who live, breath and dream of policy wonk and DNC “Dirty Tricks” campaigns. Their gods are John Podesta, Elon Musk, Sidney Blumenthal and Mark Zuckerberg. A large part of this group are Jewish kids with at least 22 years of cultural hatred programmed into them by far left Jewish parents. They want to believe that the GOP are all secretly Palestinians and the political bosses behind Gizmodo encourage that kind of “hate-think”.

Gizmodo hires deeply disturbed people in a smart way. Gizmodo bosses seek out public patsies to try to rig public political perceptions so that voters will steer things in a way that make Gizmodo’s bosses richer.

When Gizmodo, like Gawker, gets bankrupted, Gizmodo owners will walk away scott free while the naive young perverts of Gizmodo get sued instead. It is a brilliant use of the mentally ill for corporate profiteering and politicking manipulation. The little perverts get used as sheep in a game of White House control that they are the key pawns in.

The top tier management at Gizmodo (and it’s clones: Jalopnik, etc.) use a parental corporate trick of HR brainwashing in which they privately confide to each writer that they are on a “grand mission” where all evil is for “the greater good.” Gizmodo’s partner in these “greater goods” is Google. Google is notorious for it’s motto: “don’t do evil” that later turned into the biggest irony on the web.

Gizmodo management use Hitler’s indoctrination tools. This is another interesting Gizmodo irony because many Gizmodians are Jewish. Gizmodo bosses also enjoy pushing the DNC party-line that “all Jews must become Democrats” and that “...Jewish Democrats must destroy Republicans because Republicans want to take away your drugs and anal sex and put you in ovens...”

After hours, Gizmodo workers seem far less concerned about the ovens than they do about the potential loss of their drugs and anal sex.

Just as anal-sex fanatic Nick Denton, a covert advisor to the current Gizmodo, taught them; Gizmodo bosses reinforce hate and anger that they can uncover in potential hires. They amplify it and give the naive kids (that they find on New York’s streets) a contrived rationalization to blame every ill on Conservatives. They then suggest and/or approve only articles that will damage those they are hired to harm.

Hired-to-harm” is a legal term one must pay attention to. Under a series of laws and cyber-stalking rulings, if anyone can show that Gizmodo was hired to ham someone, the legal and branding effects on Gizmodo will be terminal.

In the New York Magazine expose on Gawker/Gizmodo: “Everybody Sucks”: ; the Taki Magazine expose: “Hypocrites Vs. Douche Canoes ; and thousands of other examinations of the character assassination niche that Nick Denton operates, the conclusions are always the same. The Gawker/Gizmodo operations are not “journalism” they are political propaganda operations for the DNC!

Gizmodo is an epic tax evasion and revenue hiding operation. It uses offshore fronts, with an epic number of levels, to illicitly hide profits, political payola and scam-cash. James Comey, at the FBI, had over 30 entities report these crimes to his office and nothing happened. Was Cover-up Comey protecting Gawker/Gizmodo/Univision because they lead straight back to Obama and Clinton bank accounts? Probably. We have heard from a number of people that all of their witness statements are being re-resubmitted to Trump’s FBI to see if, maybe, this time around, justice can get ahead of corruption.

In the modern age, everyday brings a new tale of Pro-DNC violence, Pro-Dnc shootings and Pro-DNC rage and hatred. Nick Denton created this “hate as public policy” program and the DNC has now slipped off the deep edge of the cliff as they take it to the most extreme depths.

Gawker/Gizmodo are simply elementary school abuse social-deviance extended into near-adulthood.

The things that pre-teens abused each other on the playground with (“your fat mother sucks pickles..”) have been commercialized and sold to Obama and Clinton party bosses by Nick Denton and Univision.

Gizmodo is the essence of fake news, kneepad journalism and journo-shills.

Everyone in the world should be on the phone and on their email to every advertiser of Gizmodo in order to shame them and bankrupt those advertisers into cutting off their accounts with the screed that is Gizmodo and Univision.

Stay tuned for more on this topic...


Additional research by Carla Wendt


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Someone paid millions of dollars to get revenge on Adrian Covert and John Hermann for the murders they engaged in as Gawker Media assassins


By Peter Westcoat

If someone tries to kill you and your family, in most of the world, you are EXPECTED to kill the attackers. Even in the ultra-politically correct USA, you have the right to shoot someone, point-blank in the face, if they attack you on your property. It is your legal right.

Two men, who advertised themselves as, and took compensation for, “character assassin services” are finding out, the hard way, that all “hired guns” die a lonely death.

“Death”, in the case of character assassins John Herman, Nick Denton, Adrian Covert and their clients, does not mean a mortal end to life. It means that someone has spent quite a bit of time to make sure that they stay alive so that they can experience a long life of punishment for their crimes.

Herman, Covert and Denton conspired to end a number of people’s lives. In the dark world of deviant gay sex and rent boys that they inhabit, no place is too dirty to put your index finger. This twisted trio chose to put their fecal covered index fingers on their keyboards and to use those keyboards to kill.

It is well known that Peter Thiel had his life ruined by these three. As did mining heiress Sandy Montenegro, forty different political candidates, the inventor of an email protocol, Hulk Hogan and many others.

One of their victims lost everything he had because Hermann, Denton and Covert took money from Obama and Clinton campaign financiers and accepted a contract to “kill” this person.

The hit-job worked. It ended the life, career, family, income and brand of the target… for a while. After the hit job, the other victims of the same attacks by these three found each other. They compared notes…..and they planned…

As one can see from links such as:

Adrian Covert and John Herrman, the Character Assassins of ...

Adrian Covert and John Herrman, the Character Assassins of Gawker, find out that "Pay Back Is A Bitch!" Gawker Media founder Nick Denton to file for personal ...


...Covert and Herrman deal in death! They take lives away on the internet using tools and weapons that kill as long as the victim is alive.

Thus, according to public laws worldwide: Turn About Is Fair Play.

One of their victims hired former NSA, CIA and FBI experts to watch, report on and 100% legally interdict Covert, Denton and Herman for the rest of their lives.

Does that sound like an expensive pay-back plan? It is! It costs millions of dollars!

The victim pre-paid the investigators and operatives, in advance, by signing over millions of dollars in assets to their intelligence contracting service.

Nick Denton, Adrian Covert and John Herrman set out to kill some people by destroying their lives. They are now finding out that they picked the wrong targets. As things keep going from bad-to-worse in their lives, they have only themselves to thank.

Payback is a bitch!






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