Plane crash in Russia kills CFO of Rosatom





Plane crash in Russia kills CFO of Rosatom

Plane crash in Russia kills CFO of Rosatom (imgoat.com)

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I fucking knew someone important would be killed in the crash. Every time.


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This guy was not on the flight. It's some other person with a similar name who was born in 1986.


spez: Full translated passenger list: http://archive.is/CArnE


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Doesn't matter, I'm already outraged.

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What the fuck is spez?

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Good job not taking a meme at face value and actually look up the facts.


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Voat is fully retarded

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My first thought when I saw this story was "who was the VIP?"


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I would say most goats here knew, so it's not a surprised to us.


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I was talking to an 84 year old that was wondering who the problem was that was on the plane that crashed in Russia.

Hillary paid Facebook to rig elections while colluding with RussianUranium One

Citizens Intelligence Report by the American Intelligence Media
Crime 1: Her private email server hid unpublished 2009-2010 StateDepartment contracts with Facebook managed by Dmitry Shevelenko.
Crime 2: Hillary’s Facebook “election winning template” clearlyviolates The Hatch Act.
Crime 3: Hillary’s contracts obstructed justice in Leader v. Facebook.
Crime 4: Hillary colluded with Facebook to set State Department Internetpolicy.

Oct. 26, 2017—On May 26, 2009, Russian oligarch Yuri Milner invested $200 million inFacebook private stock brokered by his Russian partner Goldman Sachs. Milner had worked for Obama’s 2008 bailout director Larry H.Summers when he was chief economist for the World Bank in the early 1990’s as a researcher along with Sheryl K. Sandberg,who later became Summer’s chief of staff at the U.S. Treasury, then started Gmail and is now Facebook’s chief operating officer. WhileSandberg started Gmail for Google, Milner started Mail.ru. The intent to takeover global communications is evident in hindsight.

On Jun. 16, 2009, Hillary Clinton approved the Vladimir Putin-controlledROSATOM to purchase 20% of America’s uranium reserves through Uranium One. The Clinton Foundation had already received more than$145 million in pay-to-play donations from Uranium One beneficiaries.

Hillary’s treason in her compromise of America’s energy reserves usingRussian surrogates is evident. That treason is compounded by a simultaneous $1 billion financing by Cisco, Intel and Google of Vladimir Putin’s Moscow, Russia technology center Skolkovo onJun. 27, 2010, just two days before Hillary approved the uranium sale to ROSATOM. See also “Cisco Commits $1 Billion for Multi-year Investment inSkolkovo.” ThinkRUSSIA. Aug. 11, 2010.

On Jun. 29, 2010, just two days after the Cisco/Intel/Google $1 billiondonation, Moscow-based Renaissance Capital paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech even though Renaissance was the lead analyst coveringrecommending a “buy” on Uranium One. On Mar. 30, 2011, Russian oligarch Yuri Milner overpaid $100 million for a gaudymansion in the center of Silicon Valley in an ostentatious display of a rogue C.I.A.-inspired arrogance, after his $200 million privateFacebook investment.

What is becoming equally evident is Hillary’s simultaneous compromise ofAmerica’s elections, digital networks and court proceedings through secret “election winning template” contracts with Facebook usingRussian surrogates.

On Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary Clinton and the State Department entered into a secretcontract with Facebook for $120,000 (GSA SAQMMA09M1870) to build “a template for winning elections using advanced Facebook marketing.”The next month, on Oct. 16, 2009, Hillary promoted Facebook on a video presentation to a U.S. StateDepartment-funded Alliance for Youth Movements Summit in Mexico City. This contract was not known because Hillary had hidden it on herprivate email server in the basement of her house. It first came to light through the dogged work of Judicial Watch who obtained it inApr. 03, 2014.

See also TIMELINE.

(Note: The Timeline takes a few minutes to download because of its filesize. It may be too large to load on your phone or tablet so serious researchers should use a PC for download. It’s worth the effort!You will know it is open when red bordered boxes appear on the screen.)


Facebook contract with Office of Economic Security Information Programs

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Columbus innovator Leader Technologies, Inc. was suing Facebook for patentinfringement on Nov. 19, 2008 in Delaware federal district court. Reagan-appointed judge Joseph J. Farnan, Jr. was assigned the case.

While the case was preparing for trial, and despite four motions to compel,Mark Zuckerberg stonewalled providing his 2003-2004 Harvard computer devices and emails for review in the case. We now know that hisattorneys at Gibson Dunn LLP had custody of 28 Harvard computer hard drives and emails. After stonewalling for a year, they lied to thecourt and said they had lost the information.

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Pay Leader for 17 years of free use of their social networking invention; federal governmentcan raise $200-500+ billion in surcharge revenues from social networking without raising taxes!

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The Russian collusion nexus between Uranium One and Facebook electionrigging is stunning.

Readers are encouraged to get this article to your elected representatives.

Ask them to: (1) pay Leader Technologies for the last 17 years of freeuse of their social networking invention that Hillary obstructed, and (2) prosecute Hillary and her racketeers for her Uranium One anddigital election rigging racketeering and treason.

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They really do t care if we know anymore.


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I mean what are we going to do? Meme about it.

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The Ruskies in particular have a strong history of this.

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This is fake you fucking moron /u/x0byte

Translated passenger list: http://archive.is/CArnE

He's supposedly #20, but he was born in 1986?


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I was all in but then I saw that a Nikolai/Nikolay Solomon is CFO of Rosatom:


http://www.rosatom -dot- ru/en/about-us/governance/management-board/solomon/ (I was forced to put the "dot" in because apparently that domain is banned by voat).

However I did see from a 2014 article that Vyacheslav Ivanov was "a deputy director general at Rosatom Overseas".


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Yes, I too get my information from memes.


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The kikes are killing the few russians who are still somebody in Russia. Soon there will be no russians left in power positions. I always wonder why people are so stupid to not understand that they are being exterminated.


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putin honored a monument recently, to a historical leader thats known as someone who kicked out the jews

i think, that russia realizes fully the bolsheviks still might exist among them. theyve been warning trump on terror attacks, which seems like behavior they woudnt do if they wanted white genocide to happen


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It's just what they do when they think they're winning.



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Another death by Hillary?


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and Killary's killing streak continues.


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His Uranium 1 would seem to indicate that.


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There is no such thing as coincidence anymore.


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Was there ever?


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There was up until the CIA figured out there was more money in drug trafficing than there was in protecting the American people.

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I thought there was, but it was just a coincidence.


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Over 200 upvoats and no link to anything showing if this is true or not, I'm disappointed in you Voat.


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Uh oh....

Here's a fun story about Clinton and Rosatom/Uranium One.


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For some reason that appeals to my penis...


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Hillary doesn't like loose ends. If I were even peripherally involved in this deal, even just as a low level minion, I'd be sharting my shorts right about now.


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Shills be shillin for the shekels.


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no it didnt.. it's not him.


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Nothing to see here folks

Just one of the the hundred+ (((Clinton coincidences)))


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The amount of jpeg in this image tells me its complete bullshit.


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Agree; needs more.


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Not a coincidence


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Well, there you have it, it was another political assassination


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You sure it wasn't this guy:


Or the guy quoted at the end of this article:


Or maybe this guy:


Was probably this guy:



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To be fair, that's a really gay pose.


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A patent going to the living party eh?


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We need a site "currentclintontargets.com" so that we can stay off these flights.


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Any info on the crash and how it happened? Was it a bad takeoff/landing?


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Appears to be Passenger 32 on this list https://m.imgur.com/wiCbI26


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this is pretty interesting




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