How Bad Was Corruption In The Obama Administration?



Most investigators believe that the 2008 Campaign staff, who later became the senior White House staff,

negotiated a campaign funding scheme with Silicon Valley billionaires. They traded DOE and TARP

funding decisions, in their exclusive favor, for crony campaign resources, campaign web marketing, stock

"skims" and insider trading edges. Goldman Sachs participated in most of the deals with a commodities

and trade-fixing swindle. The amount of taxpayer funds manipulated, appears to exceed $300B.

Links to all of the confirming information can be found below. All witnesses are willing to demonstrate,

prove and validate all of the facts, below, in an open public hearing before an appointed Federal Special


The provable facts are the following:

- Steven Chu's nomination was organized by the law firm of Covington and Burling which is

also the law-firm that Eric Holder worked for. Covington and Burling is retained by most of the

Wall Street investment banks and corporations. Both Chu and Holder have been accused, by

investigators, of running cover-ups and coordinating violations of the law.

- Applicant: Bright Automotive issued a very public letter proclaiming the DOE program to be a


- The Senate Investigating Committee issued a public investigation report proclaiming the DOE

program to be a Scam.

- Over 200 applicants have stated, to investigators, that the DOE program appeared to be a Scam.

- Goldman Sachs whistle-blowers and under-cover investigators have revealed recordings and

emails demonstrating that Goldman Sachs was involved with DOE agents and award winners in

a coordinated effort to manipulate the program for personal gain.

- Steven Chu and his associates had investments in the lithium battery industry and did not

support fuel cells, hydrogen, ultra-capacitors, energy harvesting or other technologies that

competed with their lithium-ion investments. Steven Chu and his associates took specific action

to damage any industry that competed with the lithium battery industry.

- Tesla Motors has received more free money in the form of credits, waivers and perks, from

State Tax offices, than almost any other company in California. Tesla Motors owners and

investors have given campaign cash to more State Officials and Senators than almost any other

company in California.

- Lachlan Seward of the DOE ordered his staff to destroy or “lose” applicant documents from

applicants who were not campaign donors or who competed with favored applicants of campaign


- The TV Show 60 Minutes has covered portions of the crimes in the following episodes: THE



- Senior White House staff including Rahm Emanual, Steven Rattner, David Plouffe, Robert

Gibbs, David Axelrod, Jay Carney, Bill Daley, Erick Strickland and others, suddenly quite their

White House and senior agency head jobs, in a bad economy, with no higher paying options.

These departures all happened immediately upon receiving documents from investigators

questioning “The Incident” situation.

- While the Section 136 Law required that applicants were to be reviewed on a “first come/first

served” basis; DOE staff changed the rules, internally, so that favored applicants were reviewed

first. This was a violation of the law.

- Recently acquired “lost” emails show that White House staff ordered “hit-jobs” on reporters

such as Attkisson and Woodward who started to expose issues in the incident and members of

the public in retribution for reporting the crimes. The IRS TARGETING Investigation and sites

such as have now shown that federal staff have a record of

targeting and attacking the public using government resources. Senators, governors and past

Presidential candidates are prepared to testify to this fact before a Special Prosecutor. The White

House says that its counsel's office was informed of the IRS's targeting of groups in late April,

after earlier saying that it knew that an inspector general's report about the issue was coming but

that it didn't know its findings. “Operation Rushbo” has now been exposed at a White House

coordinated attack task team.

- Tesla, Fisker, Solyndra, Abound, and similar favored applicants, were hand-held through the

DOE process by DOE staff and had little review. Competing applicants received no help from

DOE and were stone-walled and delayed until they went out of business, even though a majority

of them had better positions, metrics, technology, financials, and debt-ratios than Tesla, Fisker,

Solyndra, and Abound.

- Any applicant who questioned, or reported, the DOE process was targeted, delayed, down-

ranked, denied and, in many cases attacked with character assassination, career sabotage and


- Steven Chu, and his staff, ordered applicant submissions delayed and modified by Argonne

Labs and other reviewers, in order to down-grade applicants who were not campaign donors.

- At each federal law enforcement agency, with jurisdiction over this incident, some agents are

working on covering up and some agents are working on prosecution. This has led to a state of

zero-productivity which a Special Prosecutor is needed to break.

- Tesla Motors, Solyndra, Abound and other “CleanTech” DOE funded companies were used as

money-laundering efforts to pass campaign funding through a “skim network”.

- Steven Chu’s staff told applicant’s they had to pay money to apply, then he said he waived the

money, then he had his staff wait until after the deadline to give him the money in order to tell

those applicants that they then could no longer apply because they had “missed the deadline”.

This was one of many tactics Chu and his DOE staff employed to keep anyone who was not a

campaign donor out of the program.

- Jonathan Silver was placed into the DOE in order to work with Silicon Valley VC’s.

- The CIA published multiple reports stating that “over a trillion dollars of Lithium for electric

cars” and Indium for Solyndra-type solar tubes “could be harvested in Afghanistan”. Silicon

Valley campaign investors involved in the incident held major positions in these assets.

- The White House hired an inordinate number of Google staff and executives because Google

investors and owners controlled a portion of the policy programs at The White House.

- Gawker Media, Think Progress and Media Matters were used by Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and

David Axelrod as covert character assassination outlets in order to distribute attacks on

journalists, public policy staff and members of the public in a manner which could not easily be

traced back to the White House Press office. This is an illegal activity.

- Goldman Sachs is now under investigation, by multiple agencies, and has been charged with

billions of dollars of commodity market manipulation and was connected to every investor in

“The Incident”. Afghan minerals are “commodities”. Sachs took money in stock trading, finders

fees, intermediary fees and other “pass-along” routes. DOE staff have pointed to Goldman Sachs

as one of the “key architects of the scheme”. Goldman Sachs has now been called before the U.S.

Congress as part of escalating investigations into their activities.

- Rahm Emanuel’s senior aide in charge of finance was indicted for corruption and racketeering.

Amer Ahmad, Rahm Emanuel’s senior finance aide was arrested for conspiracy, corruption and

racketeering. He pleaded guilty in federal court to charges that he steered state business to his

financial adviser in exchange for more than $500,000 in kickbacks.

- Tesla Motors has a vast number of lawsuits filed against it for FRAUD, BREACH,

HOMICIDE, SECURITIES MANIPULATION and other very serious matters.

- Tesla stated in it’s own words, in it’s federal patent filings, that it’s particular battery

configuration and chemistry was “likely to kill you, your family or your neighbors and burn

down your home, your office or your neighbors structures.” DOE and NHTSA officials saw

these documents, yet chose to ignore them in order to not upset campaign donors.

- The Department of Energy hired IBM Consulting to “evaluate” auto loan applications when

IBM Consulting staff had little or no experience in the auto industry. The IBM staff operated

from a small office of a Chinese Church in Virginia. IBM abandoned that office when confronted

about it. Witnesses have charged that Steven Chu told this IBM group what results to come up

with in order to rig the applicant progress in favor of campaign donors. In fact, history has now

shown that only campaign donors received funding and every single non-campaign donor was

sabotaged and/or cut-out.

- Panasonic battery company has been charged with bribery, dumping, price fixing and

thousands of deaths in other countries. Panasonic makes the batteries for Tesla

- Dianne Feinstein lobbied for Tesla and Solyndra to get the adjacent properties on land related

to her family, in Fremont California. She lobbied against any competing parties getting that land.

Her family owned the construction company to build the buildings, the leasing company to lease

the buildings, the staffing company to hire the employees and owned insider trading stock in the

companies that supplied some of the materials to Tesla and Solyndra. Her husband had

ownership connections to the adjacent railroad properties.

- The computers of Dianne Feinstein, and her family, were hacked by federal investigative

agencies in order to examine her potential involvement with charged illicit activities.

- Senior White House staffer Rahm Emanuel had a personal relationship with Department of

Energy “Evaluation Center” Argonne National Labs

- In March 2012, Rod Blagojevich began serving a 14-year sentence in federal prison following

conviction for corruption including the soliciting of bribes for political appointments including

the 2008 vacant U.S. Senate seat of then-President-Elect Barack Obama, while in public office.

The case pointed to White House staff Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett, who had dealings with

Blagojevich. Jarrett’s White House tenure was delayed by FBI investigations.

- The services of Covington and Burling were paid for by Silicon Valley Vc's

- Almost every decision by Steven Chu, while at the Department of Energy, only benefited

entities connected to Silicon Valley Vc's

- Under Steven Chu, more companies got more money and went bankrupt faster than ever

before, relative to all of recorded human history

- Steven Chu had prior existing personal relationships with Silicon Valley Vc's

- Steven Chu hired his staff from a list provided by Silicon Valley Vc's

- At taxpayer expense, Steven Chu's staff commuted back to Silicon Valley on private jets, each


- The DOE fees for campaign backers were waived, but just for campaign backer's companies

- Silicon Valley Vc's had their companies manipulate internet search engines to up-rank DNC

candidates and down-rank GOP candidates per communications with Senior White House staff

- NASA gave The NASA AMES airfield and jet fuel to Silicon Valley Vc's at the direction of

White House Staff and California Senators. This appears to be a campaign “thank you” gift.

- Silicon Valley Vc's compensated McKinsey Consulting staff for authoring White Papers for

The White House and the U.S. Congress which only discussed the positive aspects of companies

which happen to have been owned by Silicon Valley Vc's . Some Mckinsey staff have now been

indicted and jailed for stock market manipulation.

- Deloitte consulting was both the accountant for DOE applicants and a DOE reviewer for DOE


- Whistle-blower Gary D. Conley, who railed against the inequality of federal actions on behalf

of Silicon Valley Vc's, was found with a bullet in his head under questionable circumstances

- Wall Street Journal energy industry reporter David Bird, while investigating part of this story,

has disappeared and even the FBI can’t find him.

- Consultants for Tesla Motors submitted multiple documents to the U.S. Government which

stated that the Tesla batteries could cause cancer when they burned or out-gassed

- Consultants for Tesla Motors submitted multiple documents to the U.S. Government which

stated that the Tesla batteries were mounted in a configuration which make them more likely to

blow up than in any other configuration

- Panasonic provided documents to the U.S. Government which stated that Tesla Batteries "were

not authorized for automotive power use".

- Eric Strickland, The Head of the National Safety Agency, quit his job 48 hours after receiving

news from reporters that they knew he had manipulated Tesla's safety data. He had been given

numerous reports on the safety dangers of both GM and Tesla vehicles, yet ignored these reports

for long periods due to requests to “not upset campaign donors”.

- The applications for DOE funding by applicants who were not campaign backers were

manipulated by Steven Chu and his staff. In a public, side-by-side comparison, today, of the

applicants documents, almost none of the “winners” would have qualified.

- Steven Chu's nomination docket was almost entirely set-up by Silicon Valley Vc's

- Dianne Feinstein's husband is on the Silicon Valley VC group list.

- An inordinate number of Steven Chu’s DOE awardees needed the minerals which existed in


- Solyndra needed Indium from Afghanistan. Silicon Valley Vc’s had a business interest in

mining efforts for Indium in Afghanistan.

- The Silicon Valley Vc's held featured stock in Afghan minerals

- The Silicon Valley Vc's held featured stock in lithium battery profits

- McKinsey Consulting provided both the congressional pitch papers AND the Staff for Steven

Chu, which were then used to pitch the “winning” of DOE money by the very people who paid


- A plane crashed with three senior Tesla staff in it. One of them was a whistle-blower. All 3

were killed. One was known to be a whistle-blower.

- Tesla broke federal law by claiming to not be near bankruptcy when it submitted it's Section

136 documents. Elon Musk is now recorded on TV saying Tesla was about to go bankrupt when

it was applying for the DOE ATVM loan, this is a violation of the law.

- Tesla claimed, in its application to DOE, that, as of Today, it would have sold over $1 million

Tesla’s. It has only sold 20,000 and the cost to sell those 20,000 has been hirer than any car in

history, mostly due to mismanagement.

- Steven Chu manipulated federal filing documents to hide Tesla's application falsehoods

- In a public side-by-side comparison, almost none of the companies that received Department of

Energy funding would have won over the other applicants

- All of the hundreds of Department of Energy applicants who were tossed out of the DOE

funding process had not made campaign contributions

- The few "winners" of the DOE funding just happened to be connected to the largest campaign


- Stock market analysts, including researchers from the book: “FLASH BOYS”, featured on 60

Minutes, have documented, all will provide in public hearings, evidence of Tesla Motors

pumping it’s stock in order to mask bad news that appears in the press about Tesla

- The "winners" of the DOE money used the DOE money to manipulate public stock market

metrics by booking the loans as profits, or credits, in order to “cook their books” and grab

windfall profit “scrapes” before the stock fell again. They “skimmed off the top” according to

stock market analyst-investigators.

- The lawyers from Perkins Coie held private meetings with Steven Chu's staff in coordination

for special interest favors for their clients.

- Over 80 of the promises in Tesla's DOE filings never came true. Former DOE staff attempted

to destroy Tesla, and other, application documents but Senate investigators acquired pre-

destruction copies from DOE staff who were not willing to be unethical.

- Senior White House staff communicated regularly with Silicon Valley Vc's from before, during

and after the election

- Google owners and investors co-own Tesla Motors and manipulate Google search engine

results to hide any negative information about Tesla and pump the stock. This is illegal.

- When Tesla batteries burn, they cause cancer and a large number of lethal human ailments.

DOE and NHTSA had documents proving this, in their hands, prior to the award of taxpayer

funds to Tesla.

- The White House appointed more positions connected to Silicon Valley Vc's than any other

group in America

- Senator Dianne Feinstein, and her staff, engaged in over 100 conflicts of interest in arranging

the government funding of Tesla Motors

- Senator Dianne Feinstein and her family relations held stock in the direct and indirect

beneficiaries of Steven Chu's Department of Energy decisions

- Silicon Valley Vc's and their family relations held stock in the direct and indirect beneficiaries

of Steven Chu's Department of Energy decisions

- White House Staff and their family relations held stock in the direct and indirect beneficiaries

of Steven Chu's Department of Energy decisions

- Almost every company that was intentionally damaged by Steven Chu's decisions at the

Department of Energy was a competitor with Silicon Valley Vc's.

- Almost every individual that was intentionally damaged by Steven Chu's decisions at the

Department of Energy was a competitor with Silicon Valley Vc's.

- When the FBI raided and investigated Solyndra, they found evidence of a direct connection to

The White House

- When the FBI raided and investigated Solyndra, they found evidence of a direct connection to

The Silicon Valley Vc's.

- Federal investigators have now documented over $320 billion dollars of your taxes were used

in state and federal cash and perks that were routed to The Silicon Valley Vc's

- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took Silicon Valley Vc's to Russia to meet with

individuals regarding Afghanistan clean energy minerals. Some of those individuals are now on

CIA, DIA, FBI, and other agency, organized crime watch-lists.

- Senior White House staffer Steven Rattner (The Car Funding Czar) was indicted for securities

fraud and sits on the Washington Lobby Group: The New America Foundation, backed by

Silicon Valley Vc’s and controlled by Google investors.

- The head of the California Obamacare program: James Brown, Jr, was arrested on corruption


- Mckinsey Consulting's Gupta has been arrested and jailed for felony securities fraud, other

McKinsey staff are under investigation. Federal Investigators want to know what influence

Mckinsey had on Washington policy and budgeting from 2007 to today.

- Silicon Valley Vc's met with Russian individuals regarding Afghanistan clean energy minerals

and those individuals later appeared on CIA, DHS, FBI, DOJ and other federal Watch-List as

organized crime suspects. 3 of the Russian investors held major stock in Department of Energy

cash awardees. How did Ener1, Severstal and other companies with russian mob connections

even get through the first pass in the DOE application process?

- White House staffer Jay Carney communicated by email, text and phone with representatives

from Gawker Media to arrange character assassination hits on adversaries

- Federal agencies recorded all emails, texts and phone calls with subjects from 2001 to today

- More than the usual number of agencies had to record White House staff because some of their

manipulations involved overseas operations in Afghanistan. Thus, those agencies had a legal

right to record all White House staff communications and those recordings are still archived in

multiple locations

- Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla Motors would exist today, if Senators, DOE and

campaign staff had not been influenced.

- Federal Investigators want to know if Senator Dianne Feinstein, White House staff David

Axelrod, David Plouffe and Rahm Emanual and Energy head Steven Chu conspired with Tesla

to exchange campaign resources for cash and stock value?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla, or anyone associated with the company, ever hired

multitudes of fake bloggers to post fake positive reviews about Tesla motors in order to create a

fake perception of interest and defraud the stock market?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla has ever compensated a publisher, or industrial

rating company, for contrived positive reviews or ratings in order to create a fake perception of

interest and defraud the stock market?

– Federal Investigators want to know each and every investor in Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar

City Solar Company? Have any of those parties contributed money to political campaigns? How


– Federal Investigators want to know what percentage of Tesla Motors Google’s investors, staff

and executives own cumulatively and the financial benefits each has received from Federal

decisions since 2008?

– Federal Investigators want to how much money Tesla and Google investors contributed to

election campaigns, or contract services for them, from 2007 to today? Which campaigns? Did

the winners in any of those campaigns award U.S. taxpayer funds to the portfolio companies of

those investors? How much money?

– When Tesla Motors applied for the Department of Energy funds Elon Musk stated that Tesla

was in exceptional financial health, yet now Elon Musk, and his senior staff, have been recorded

stating that the company was nearly bankrupt then. In light of these more recent revelations, is

that not a felony violation of the federal “Section 136 Law” which states that ‘a company cannot

be on the verge of bankruptcy or it shall not receive Department of Energy funds’? New

disclosures show that Tesla stated information in it’s federal application which Tesla’s founders

and staff have stated they knew was false at the time. Shareholder want to know if Tesla should

be prosecuted for this?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Deloitte, under contract to Tesla, arranged false

accounting via the Tesla Wells Fargo bank account while Deloitte was also acting, in conflict of

interest, as the Department of Energy reviewer of applicants?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla Motors has a confidential relationship with a

national group of reporters known as A.L.I.C.E, from different publications, who have agreed to

release Tesla-positive news spin stories on a synchronized basis, at the same time, in order to

cover-up Tesla investigation disclosures and artificially accelerate stock market vales? Has Tesla

Motors arranged with Google to have negative Tesla Motors stories down-ranked while having

positive Tesla stories up-ranked? Would that be considered stock fraud?

– Federal Investigators want to know how many Senators and their families, own stock in Tesla



– Federal Investigators want to know if Elon Musk promised any NASA contracts, in advance of

the closure of a portion of NASA, in exchange for campaign funding from Tesla and Google


– Federal Investigators want to know how many Senators, their families and Google-related

investors, hold stock in lithium-ion battery related companies?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Steven Chu, the former head of the Department of

Energy, ever had a personal relationship with any Tesla staff or investors?


– Federal Investigators want to know if Senator Dianne Feinstein, or her family, ever had a

personal relationship with any Tesla staff or investors?

– Federal Investigators want to know why Tesla and Solyndra are on the same physical plot of


– Federal Investigators want to know if anyone from Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office also

worked for Tesla Motors and/or Solyndra, or later went to work at either organization, after

working for Feinstein or her associates?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, ever

traveled to Mongolia to arrange for resource deals beneficial to Tesla’s investors?

– Federal Investigators want to know if anyone associated with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s

family, named Herb of Newman Search, PH: 1-415-332-8425; 1707 Bridgeway # 3 in California,

ever supplied staffing to Tesla Motors or Solyndra?

– Federal Investigators want to know if anyone associated with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s

family had any relationship with the real estate transactions involving Tesla and/or Solyndra real


– Federal Investigators want to see all Communications between The California, Fremont City

Administrators, Dianne Feinstein’s senior staffer (M. Nelson) and the general management of

NUMMI. They want to know if economic and political pressure was used to manipulate a deal



– Federal Investigators want to know more about Panasonic, Tesla’s battery partner, who has

been charged with organized crime, dumping, price fixing, the deaths of thousands of battery

workers from toxic poisoning and with building lethal battery factories that destroyed all of the

towns near them. What is the relationship between the Tesla Battery Factory in Nevada, Harry

Reid, stock ownership and Panasonic?

– Federal Investigators want to know clarity about Tesla’s comments in it’s DOE application

which stated, in writing, in their DOE application documents that the car to be produced with the

DOE money was all designed and engineered, yet every aspect of the released model S was

designed and engineered AFTER Tesla received the DOE money! Did Tesla lie on their


– Federal Investigators want to know why Tesla has not disclosed that Tesla battery packs

release toxic and cancer causing fumes when they burn?

In a feature article called: Obama, Inc. in The Hill, reporter Peter Schroeder discloses a network

of “revolving door” schemes.

– Federal Investigators want to know about the relationship between Tesla investors, lobbyists

and Eric Strickland, the head of the National Highway Transportation safety agency who quit his

job 48 hours after being notified that the toxic Tesla report he knew about was going public?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla falsified lithium-ion safety reports? Bernard Tse,

Tesla’s battery program director, and 7 other senior staff, provided Tesla with numerous severely

concerning lithium-ion safety reports which were never presented to the Department of Energy.

Were these reports covered up because the Senators and Investors of Google and Tesla all have

ownership interest in the lithium-ion industry?

– Valleywag Online Magazine reports that Elon Musk constantly spies on his employees and

competitors and that he makes buyers sign non-disclosure documents to prevent Tesla from

getting investigated?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Elon Musk has ever undertaken sabotage programs

against his competitors?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla manipulated SEC filings using tax credits from the

White House to make Tesla look like it had profits?

– Numerous news reports state that Martin Eberhard founded Tesla and Elon Musk then came in

later and stole it from him in a hostile takeover?

– Federal Investigators want to know what Tesla’s “debt ratio” was at the time that Tesla

applied for the DOE loan? Why did Tesla have the worse debt ratio of any applicant , yet Tesla

was awarded funds with almost no review?

– Federal Investigators want to know why has Tesla spent billions, and a decade, to only sell a

few cars when all of your competitors have done 20 times better on less money and in less time?

Why are over 200 technical problems with the car documented online by Tesla owners yet Tesla

say’s “there are no problems?”

– Federal Investigators want to know why Tesla is being sued for fraud under the Federal

“Lemon Law”?

– Federal Investigators want to know why Tesla cars $100,000.00 over budget PER CAR, at the

time of Tesla’s Department of Energy loan application, yet nobody at the DOE commented about

that in their review notes? How is it possible that a project, so mismanaged at the time of DOE

application, could have bypassed hundreds of applicants with less issues?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Steven Chu’s senior staff: Matt Rogers and Steven

Spinner had any relationship with Tesla-related investors prior to Chu hiring them at the DOE?

Was it coincidental that McKinsey Consulting, the company they worked for, produced all of the

pitch documents for the White House and Congress, which were used to steer the Federal funds

to Tesla Motors?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla Motors was funded as a gift to campaign investors?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla lied about asking the NHTSA to conduct a safety

study on their car when, in fact, the NHTSA first asked Tesla for a study after fires were

reported? Did Tesla then bribe NHTSA officials to halt the request for an investigation after they

plea-bargained to install a “titanium safety shield” which, in fact, only solves a small portion of

the potentially lethal dangers from their battery pack? Is their battery pack made up of “non-

automotive” batteries which are being used in the wrong way relative to what they were built


– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla is trying to build a battery factory not far from

Mexico in order to take advantage of Mexican workers? Is Tesla concerned that most battery

factory workers in China were poisoned with toxins? Is Tesla concerned that their battery factory

will ENCOURAGE immigration abuse and devastate our border?

– Federal Investigators want to know why the founders ex-partners, investors, buyers, suppliers,

employees and ex wives have sued Elon Musk for fraud?

– Federal Investigators want to know how many of Tesla’s employees have been burned alive at

their factories? Why has OSHA fined Tesla for safety violations?

– Federal Investigators want to know: “If somebody puts a Bunsen burner or torch under a Tesla,

will it blow up? Is a Tesla a threat to national security because of this? If hackers hack the easily

hacked Tesla, can they make the battery charging system overload and blow up? If so, did Tesla

inform the NHTSA of this in writing? When?

– Federal Investigators want to know if California State Officials, in Sacramento, California,

ever manipulated tax laws and decisions to exclusively benefit Tesla Motors in exchange for

perks on orders from any White House staff or U. S. Senators?

– Federal Investigators want to know what percentage of Tesla’s buyers have killed members of

the public with their Tesla Vehicles? Why is that number, in relative terms, higher than any other

car company? Why has Tesla had HOMICIDE lawsuits filed against it?

– Federal Investigators want to know what percentage of Tesla buyers have crashed their Tesla’s

while driving drunk, destroying public property, homes and Tesla’s? Why is that number, in

relative terms, higher than any other car company?

– Federal Investigators want to know if White House staff agreed to protect Tesla, at all costs, in

order to keep Mitt Romney’s prediction from coming true and to cover campaign funding


– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla representatives meet with Rahm Emanuel, David

Axelrod, David Plouffe or their campaign staff prior to the Election of President Obama?

– Federal Investigators want to know why it is that Tesla has sold nearly 4000% less cars than

Tesla told the U.S. Government, in writing, they would sell by this date, in their DOE application

documents? Was that hype used to pump stock market valuations of Tesla so finders and

executives could do early “skims”?

– Federal Investigators want to know why Tesla switched their factory plans between 5 different

cities, during the DOE loan process, when they told everyone that their factory location was

already a done deal? Why did DOE reject non-campaign applicants for not having a factory in

place when Tesla very much did not have a factory in place and has now been sued by different

cities for factory fraud?

– Federal Investigators want to know if Tesla VC investors pump the stock market rating by

buying their own Tesla stock when bad news comes out about Tesla in order to create a synthetic

cover-story short term stock rise? Would that be considered part of a stock fraud activity?

– Federal Investigators want to know what the relationship is between Tesla’s investors,

Google’s investors and the VC funds of Richard Blum, Dianne Feinstein’s husband?

Tesla: 45500 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 and Solyndra: 47488 Kato Road, Fremont, CA,

94538 Feinstein's ex-staff & lobbyists work there now.

– Federal Investigators want to know why Feinstein and her staff sabotaged other companies

trying to use NUMMI? What is the relationship between Feinstein's husband's company: CBRE;

and the Tesla, Solyndra and other Green Loan Real Estate deals?"

– Federal Investigators want to know what the relationship is between the Comptroller of

Fremont California, the Mayor and Feinsteins staff?

– Federal Investigators want to know why Elon Musk is on public record, published and

recorded in national media, saying that NUMMI is no good for Tesla and a bad choice for Tesla.

Why did Feinstein make him flip flop?

– Federal Investigators want to know what the relationship is between NUMMI, the properties

adjacent to NUMMI, The adjacent Solyndra property and the real-estate company owned by

Feinstein’s husband: CBRE?

– Federal Investigators want to know if the CIA, The NSA and federal investigators have

recordings of Feinstein breaking the law? Did Snowden get some of that data in his cache? Is

that why Snowden and Greenwald are so comfortable mouthing off to Feinstein

- Tesla, Campaign Investors and political staff have a network of over 3000 internet news blogs

which all send out the same story, at the same time, in a synchronized manner, in order to flood

any negative information off of the Web. This is part of a group called A.L.I.C.E. but it is much


– Federal Investigators want to know why did TOYOTA and GENERAL MOTORS say that

NUMMI was a "failed plant" and pulled out of it?

– Federal Investigators want to know what the fire and explosion that the Fremont fire

department responded to at the Tesla Nummi plant?.... no, not the second one where the hot

metal burned the workers, the earlier one?

– Federal Investigators want to know why did Feinstein met with UAW representatives and

promised them NUMMI jobs if they supported requested issues and then how many UAW jobs

did Musk actually keep on site? Why does LinkedIn show a huge number of Tesla H1-B lawyer

hires advertised when all workers were supposed to be American's per the U.S. tax dollar


- GLENN GREENWALD: “I think Dianne Feinstein may be the most Orwellian political official in

Washington….” Glenn Greenwald

- Tesla Drivers turn out to be deviants, drug users and unethical people more often than most any other

drivers per:

After the, relatively, huge number of Tesla crashes and, now, multiple vehicular manslaughter charges,

many are examining the type of people that drive Tesla's. An inordinately large number of them have

turned out to be: Abusive, partner-beating, fraud-charged, drunk, asshole high-priced doctors and

frat boys. There are, overall, quite a massive number of drunks, in fact. Tesla Driver ""Douche Bag""

Controversy. Are Tesla drivers inherently unsafe? Tesla driver blames fatal crash on new-car smell -A

Santa Cruz resident has blamed the new-car smell of his Tesla Motors Model S for an accident that

claimed the life of a bicyclist, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports.

driver-blames-f.../ Tesla Motors named in fatal bike crash suit in Santa Cruz ... SANTA CRUZ -- A 63-

year-old Tesla driver from Santa Cruz, Navindra Kumar Jain, will be charged with vehicular

manslaughter in the death of cyclist Joshua Alper, Santa Santa Cruz County prosecutors said./ Tesla faces lawsuit over new-car smell in

fatal cyclist crash ... / AD AGENCY


- Investigators want to know why White House ordered ""no more DOE Loans to be funded""? Was it to

protect campaign financiers other investments?

- Bankrupt solar panel firm took DOE stimulus money, left a toxic mess, says report.

- Emails show that Steve Rattner, While sitting in the White House, sought to negotiation GM funding

with UAW in exchange for votes for Obama.

- The Snowden/Assange/Greenwald disclosures show that “StingRay” devices around Washington DC

captured and recorded all phone calls from 2007 to date. Their disclosures also show that all emails and

texts, both private and government, were recorded in that region for the same time period. All illegal

activities by federal staff and associates, in Washington DC, for that time period is recorded and archived

in multiple locations. Those multiple locations are controlled by interests from different parties, making it

unlikely all of the evidence can ever be fully deleted.

- A White House aide named Jofi Joseph began Tweeting corruption and misdeed information from

within The White House. This has led to hundreds of Aides, protective service agents, Congressional staff

also disclosing crimes that they witnessed, on social media. Many of these parties are willing to appear

before a Special Prosecutor in a public hearing.

- Tesla Motors did NOT “repay the taxpayer money”. It still receives taxpayer money annually. It has cost

taxpayers 80% more than just the money that DOE loaned.


Husband’s Business Ties to China Dog Feinstein – Los Angeles …


For years, international financier Richard C. Blum’s vast business portfolio has persisted as a nettlesome

issue for his wife, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), a vocal proponent of increased China trade. Three

years ago, he vowed to turn over any profits from his China investments to …

Last week California Senator Diane Feinstein abruptly resigned her position as the chairman and ranking

member of the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee (MILCON).The MILCON

subcommittee is in charge of supervising military construction. The committee also oversees "quality of

life" issues for veterans, which includes building housing for military families and operating hospitals and

clinics for wounded soldiers. During her six years as MILCON leader Senator Feinstein had a conflict of

interest due to her husband Richard C. Blum's ownership of two major defense contractors, who were

awarded billions of dollars for military construction projects that were approved by Senator Feinstein.

That’s Billion with a capitol B. My very own California Senator Diane Feinstein may have just hit one

out of the park folks. By directing Billions of dollars of our tax dollars to her husbands companies, DiFi

may have set a new record for corruption. According to a report compiled by MetroActive a San

Francisco area newspaper Diane Feinstein used insider information to direct billions of dollars of military

construction projects to companies, URS Corporation and Perini Corporation, that were owned or

controlled by her husband.

While setting MILCON agendas for many years, Feinstein, 73, supervised her own staff of

military construction experts as they carefully examined the details of each proposal. She lobbied

Pentagon officials in public hearings to support defense projects that she favored, some of which

already were or subsequently became URS or Perini contracts. From 2001 to 2005, URS earned

$792 million from military construction and environmental cleanup projects approved by

MILCON; Perini earned $759 million from such MILCON projects.

792 million and 759 million works out to 1.551 Billion dollars. And what portion of this billion

and a half dollars did DiFi and her husband pocket?

In 2005, Roll Call calculated Feinstein's wealth at $40 million, up $10 million from just a year

earlier. Reports show her family earned between $500,000 and $5 million from capital gains on

URS and Perini stock. From CB Richard Ellis, her husband earned from $1.3 million to $4


Public records show Blum's company paid $4 a share for controlling interest in Perini, and later

sold about three million shares for $23.75 each.

The report also showed URS' military construction work in 2000 was only $24 million, but the

next year, when Feinstein took over as MILCON chair, military construction earned URS $185

million. Additionally, its military construction architectural and engineering revenue rose from

$108,000 in 2000 to $142 million in 2001, a thousand-fold increase.

In late 2005, Blum sold 5.5 million URS shares, worth $220 million

So a US Senator has used insider information to direct billions of tax payer dollars to her

husband's companies and yet I have not seen one word of this in a single antique media outlet.

Where is the outrage, where is the indignation, where are CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS

news? And even more importantly where is an investigation by the Senate Rules Committee? Oh

wait, Difi is the newly appointed chairman of the Rules Committee so I guess we can rule out an

investigation there.

So after pocketing over as much as 300 million dollars as a direct result of her involvement with

the MILCON committee DiFi just walks away unscathed?

Where is the investigation and where is DiFi's resignation followed shortly by her indictment?

Or does that only happen to Republicans?



Use “The Wayback Machine” to find deleted articles.

for-shady-illinois-energy-boondoggle/ 2012/ 11/ 01/ house-oversight-investigation-reveals-politics-and-

corruption-at-the-energy-department/ 2011/ 10/ 04/ newt-gingrich-steven-chu-solyndra_n_995122.html corruption-2/steven-chu-must-go-energy-dept-disaster/ videos-corrupt-billionaires-trying-

take-washington/corrupt-billionaires-trying-take-washington-articles/ climate/ 2011/ 08/ 30/ 308127/ energy-secretary-steven-chu-climate-

science story/ 2013/ 02/ 01/ 1184082/ -Open-thread-for-night-owls-Steven-Chu-

has-some-departing-words-about-our-moral-responsibility 2011/ 11/ 18/ citing-solyndra-republican-whip-says-chu-should-be-

replaced/ steven-chu-drilled-for-nothing-for-longer-than-tony-















rights 2013/ 01/ 07/ body-found-near-beale-air-force-base/ us/ Rajeev-Motwani-Stanford-Google-advisor



Snopes Misses on Story of Collusion Between Sen. Feinstein and ...May 31, 2013 ... You are here:

HomeU.S. NewsCrimeSnopes Misses on Story of Collusion ... Why , the husband of Senator Dianne

Feinstein, that's who! What a ... usnews/ crime/ item/ 15579-snopes-misses-larger-story-on-sales-of-

post-offices-by-californ ia-sen-feinstein-s-husband-s-company -

Dianne Feinstein's Fake Surveillance Reform Bill | American Civil ...Nov 8, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein's

Fake Surveillance Reform Bill ... enforcement from digging through massive NSA databases for

evidence of criminal activity. blog/ national-security/ dianne-feinsteins-fake-surveillance-reform-bill -

Dianne Feinstein and the NSA vs James Madison | Tenth ...Oct 25, 2013 ... But, I will give you some

tools to resist these criminals – without relying on people like Dianne Feinstein to do the right thing.

Which, by the way, ... 2013/ 10/ 25/ dianne-feinstein-and-the-nsa-vs-james-madison/

An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein, Head of the Senate Intelligence ...Jun 8, 2013 ... Matthew Aikins

on war crimes in Afghanistan ... An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein, Head of the Senate Intelligence

Committee. by Norman ... solomon/ 2013/ 06/ 07/ an-open-letter-to-dianne-feinstein-head-of-the-

senate-intelligence-co mmittee/ Senator Dianne Feinstein: 'All Vets Are Mentally Ill'?Apr 9, 2013 ... Did Dianne Feinstein

say that 'All vets are mentally ill and the ... covered by the National Instant Criminal Background

Check System or NICS.

A Comment about the history of dual citizen, Dianne Feinstein ...Aug 5, 2013 ... 1 Dianne Feinstein has

funneled over 1 billion in contracts to her ... appropriations subcommittee because of her criminal

acts but is still head of ... 2013/ 08/ 05/ a-comment-about-the-history-of-dual-citizen-dianne-

feinstein-thanks-t o-n/

Senile Dianne Feinstein's Surreptitious Desert Wilderness ...Jan 9, 2013 ... Senator Dianne Feinstein:

“The Modern Jesse James” Congress should be convening a criminal investigation. There is no doubt in

my mind ... 2013/ 01/ 09/ senile-dianne-feinsteins-surreptitious-desert-wilderness-

protection-a ct-to-block-gold-mining-agenda-21-shutting-down-the-united-states-gol d-mining-bidens-


Senator Dianne Feinstein continues blatantly lying about ...Dec 1, 2013 ... California Senator Dianne

Feinstein simply can't help herself, and ... Real criminals aren't affected by background checks that are

done by ... senator-dianne-feinstein-continues-blatantly-lying-about-background-c


Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Gun Control Alchemy | Online Library of ...Jan 6, 2013 ... If you check Open

Secrets, you will see that Dianne Feinstein took over ... Violent crime in the U.S. is currently at near

historic low levels. 2013/ 01/ 06/ sen-dianne-feinsteins-gun-control-alchemy/

Dianne Feinstein's Fake Surveillance Reform Bill | American Civil ...Nov 8, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein's

Fake Surveillance Reform Bill ... enforcement from digging through massive NSA databases for

evidence of criminal activity. local/ obituaries/ la-me-rajeev-motwani10-2009jun10-story.html news/ obituaries/ technology-obituaries/ 5487846/ Professor-Rajeev-

Motwani.html money/ report/ google-founder-mentor-rajeev-motwani-dead/ world/ us/ Google-mentor-Rajeev-Motwani-dies-in-drowning-accident/

articleshow/4627659.cms technology/ 2009/ jun/ 07/ rajeev-motwani-dead-google-swimming-pool blog/ national-security/ dianne-feinsteins-fake-surveillance-reform-bill -

Wicked Witch of the West Dianne Feinstein - Government PropagandaThe petition to Charge the

Wicked Witch Dianne Feinstein with treason is gaining ground. I would not hold your breath on this as

the criminal that occupies the ...

Senator Dianne Feinstein - That's My CongressDianne Feinstein [D, CA] for the 112th Congress of

2011-2012, including a recent ... for years without the need of arbitrary imprisonment without

criminal charge.

White House To Stop Spying on Allies, Dianne Feinstein Promises ...Oct 28, 2013... to Dianne Feinstein,

chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and an NSA supporter, ... It's a War Criminal policy

supported by both parties. news/ 2013-10-28/ white-house-stop-spying-allies-dianne-feinstein-promises

Question: Will Dianne Feinstein Investigate Her Own Leak Of ...Sep 27, 2013 ... Question: Will Dianne

Feinstein Investigate Her Own Leak Of Classified Info? ... It does not seem to matter what crimes

supporters commit.

Dianne Feinstein's gun control theater - Conservative News Jan 24, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)

unveiled her “assault ... Have there been a lot of criminal assaults with belt-fed firearms lately? Enter

email for alerts ...

[UPDATE] Sen. Dianne Feinstein says Snowden guilty of treason ... Jun 10, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein

Monday called self-professed National Security Agency ... and absolute pardon for any crimes he has

committed or may have ... Top_News/ US/ 2013/ 06/ 10/ Feinstein-calls-Snowden-a-traitor/ UPI-


Sen. Dianne Feinstein blasts Afghanistan's Karzai over refusal to ...Dec 1, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein had

strong words Sunday for Afghanistan's ... It's because she is a part of the leftist, criminal, anti-

American, socialist, arrogant ... news/ 2013/ dec/ 1/ sen-dianne-feinstein-blasts-afghanistans-karzai-ov/

Dianne Feinstein Hates You And Everyone You Care About | Redstate I don't know what I did to make

Dianne Feinstein hate me, but she really does. .... pool shock, red chemicals-that-are-apparently-war-

crimes-when-white, and, ... stories/ policy/ dianne_feinstein_hates_you_and_everyone_you_care_about

Dianne Feinstein Gun Control Hypocrite - YouTube Jan 3, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein wants to take our

guns ahead of the financial ... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit

crimes .


Dianne Feinstein to make 1 BILLION DOLLARS off US Postal ... He just happens to be Dianne Feinstein's

husband. The criminals are in control of the world, they make and run the world. They keep getting ...

Sen. Feinstein's Proposed Bill Would Incriminate Anyone Speaking ... Oct 22, 2013 ... We've seen that

Michael Chertoff was the DOJ head of criminal .... http://gawker. com/dianne-feinstein-cant-come-

up-with-one-good-defense-of- ... sen-feinsteins-proposed-bill-would-incriminate-anyone-speaking-agains t-

nsas-spying-and-courts/ -

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Says 'It's Legal to Hunt Humans' Mar 9, 2013 ... The latest Democrat

misstatement was made by Dianne Feinstein: ... Are we to believe that criminals care about laws

against hunting humans? 2013/ 03/ sen-dianne-feinstein-says-its-legal-to-hunt-humans/ -

Articles about Dianne Feinstein - Los Angeles TimesRe "Hero or criminal?," Editorial, June 11, and

"Analyst admits to cyber-spying leaks," June 10 Senate Intelligence Committee head Dianne Feinstein

(D-Calif.) ...

Sen. Dianne Feinstein - NRA-ILA | Search The nation's total violent crime rate hit an all-time high in

1991. ... Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said that she and other gun control advocates are considering a

law ...

Sen. Feinstein wants Glenn Greenwald prosecuted - Lawyers, Guns ... Jun 9, 2013 ... Senator Dianne

Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate intelligence ... who appeared earlier on the program, was asked

about the criminal report ... 2013/ 06/ sen-feinstein-wants-glenn-greenwald-prosecuted – investigations/ the-tesla-investigation/investigating-tesla-motors/


Dianne Feinstein Delivers Postal Profits to Hubby - Townhall Finance Nov 4, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein

Delivers Postal Profits to Hubby - Bill Tatro ... Federal law exempting elected federal officials from civil

and criminal liability for ... columnists/ billtatro/ 2013/ 11/ 04/ dianne-feinstein-delivers-postal-profits-


Daily Kos: NSA spying scandal: Even Dianne Feinstein finally is ... Oct 28, 2013 ... When the

surveillance state has lost Dianne Feinstein . ..... committee, and then putting a documented perjurer

and known criminal to head it. story/ 2013/ 10/ 28/ 1251371/ -NSA-spying-scandal-Even-Dianne-Feinstein-

finally-is-outraged-and-dem anding-answers

U.S Senator Dianne Feinstein's Husband Selling Post Offices to ... It called the public relations office at

the Postal Service to learn that Feinstein did not secure “a sweet deal” for CBRE. And FactCheck talked

to Feinstein's press ... u-s-senator-dianne-feinsteins-husband-selling-post-offices-friends/ - CBRE/Richard Blum and USPS Oct 23, 2013 ... Does the husband of Senator Dianne

Feinstein chair a company that brokers sales of USPS facilities?

EXCLUSIVE: Senator's husband's firm cashes in on crisis ... Apr 21, 2009 ... Dianne Feinstein introduced

legislation earlier this year to route $25 billion ... The shares were purchased for the going price of

$3.77; CBRE's ... news/ 2009/ apr/ 21/ senate-husbands-firm-cashes-in-on-crisis/


How Dianne Feinstein's Husband Sells Post Office Real Estate to ... Sep 25, 2013 ... CBRE is also

charged with appraising the fair market value of these properties ... Dianne Feinstein is one of the

most shameless, authoritarian, ... 2013/ 09/ 25/ how-dianne-feinsteins-husband-sells-post-office-real-

estate-to-his-fr iends-on-the-cheap/

Dianne Feinstein Still Dogged by Allegations of Conflicts of Interest Jun 6, 2012 ... Specifically, for at

least 15 years, Feinstein has appeared to support ... stock, and another $1.3M-$4M from CB Richard

Ellis, a global real estate ... Big-Government/ 2012/ 06/ 06/ Dianne-Feinstein-Still-Dogged-by-Allegations-of-


Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein | The Nader PageThe Nader Page Oct 10, 2013 ... Letter to Senator

Dianne Feinstein ... Dear Senator Feinstein, ... C.B. Richard Ellis Group, Inc. (CBRE), the company

chaired by your husband, ...

Sen. Diane Feinstein's Husband Selling Post Offices to Cronies on ... Sep 25, 2013 ... Diane Feinstein,

Richard Blum, is feeding at the Postal Service privatization trough. Blum is the chairman of C.B.

Richard Ellis (CBRE) which ... news/ item/ 19042-senator-diane-feinsteins-husband-selling-post-offices-to-

cronie s-on-the-cheap

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Caught in a Conflict of Interest? - Yahoo Voices Jan 13, 2013 ... Most of the

citizens served by those four thousand post offices soon to be for sale think Dianne Feinstein's wifely

relationship to CBRE's ... sen-dianne-feinstein-caught-conflict-interest-11970899.html

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Husband Selling Post Offices to His Friends ... Nov 8, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein

has never been a favorite Senator of mine. ... CBRE appears to have repeatedly violated its contractual

duty to sell postal ... 2013/ 11/ 08/ sen-dianne-feinsteins-husband-selling-post-offices-to-his-

friends-che ap/

Privatization Nightmare: Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Husband Selling ... Oct 30, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein's

Husband Selling Post Offices to His Friends, Cheap ... CBRE has sold valuable postal properties to

developers at prices that ...

Ralph Nader writes Senator Feinstein on potential conflict of interest ... Oct 2, 2013... Ralph Nader has

written to Senator Dianne Feinstein to express his ... of the contact between CBRE and the USPS to sell

postal properties. ralph-nader-writes-senator-feinstein-potential-conflict-interest-cbre s-


Feinstein routes government money to firm doing business with ... Apr 21, 2009 ... The Washington

Times reports that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) ... The shares were purchased for the going price

of $3.77; CBRE's stock ... archives/ 2009/ 04/ 21/ feinstein-routes-government-money-to-firm-doing-

business-with-husband /

Did Feinstein really land her husband billions? - WorldNetDaily Nov 11, 2013 ... Dianne Feinstein, D-

Calif., stands to reap a windfall from an exclusive ... But CBRE, the world's largest commercial real

estate firm, is not owned ...

Oh joy Diane Feinstein's husband behind selling off of Historic Post ... The California connection is that

CBRE is headquartered in Los ... He also happens to be the husband of California Senator Dianne


Nader to Feinstein: Stop the USPS Sell Off - Corporate Crime Reporter Oct 5, 2013 ... Investigative

journalist Richard Byrne has dug into CBRE's and ... titled: Going Postal: U.S. Senator Dianne

Feinstein's Husband Sells Post ...

Senator Feinstein's Husband Stands to Make Millions from USPS ... Jun 4, 2013 ... Senator Dianne

Feinstein has long been accused of corruption and ... 2011 when the Post Office awarded the CBRE

Group Inc. a contract to be ...

Senator_Feinstein%E2%80%99s_Husband_Stands_to_Make_Millions_from_USPS _Contract/ 26454/

0/ 38/ 38/ Y/ M.html

Daily Kos: Selling off the Post Office: Berkeley calls out Richard Blum Dec 1, 2012 ... CBRE advises the

USPS on what properties to sell. ... Montgomery Street to One Post Street, the office of California

Senator Dianne Feinstein. story/ 2012/ 12/ 01/ 1165912/ -Selling-off-the-Post-Office-Berkeley-calls-out-


Activist Post: Keeping It In the Family: Senator Feinstein's Husband ... Jun 4, 2013 ... Senator Dianne

Feinstein has long been accused of corruption and ... 2011 when the Post Office awarded the CBRE

Group Inc. a contract to be ... 2013/ 06/ keeping-it-in-family-senator-feinsteins.html

‘Lemon Law King’ sues Tesla Motors – SOMO NEWS – Apr 7, 2014 … 2 thoughts on

“’Lemon Law King’ sues Tesla Motors” …. Have FACTS proving EPIC FRAUD and TAXPAYER MONEY


Multiple Fraud and Malfeasance Lawsuits Against Tesla | SNARK Active Tesla Fraud-Related Lawsuit

Countdown Score-Card … Dowd Tesla Fraud LLP. – Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Investor Class Action Against

Tesla Motors. investigations/ the-tesla-investigation/ investigating-tesla-motors/


SNARK | FACT-SWARMING FROM SOMO1.COM ‘Lemon Law King’ sues Tesla Motors for crappy cars


Tesla Motors Inc, TSLA Securities Fraud – Class Actions Dec 16, 2013 … San Francisco, CA: A securities

class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of

California on …

New Mexico developer suing Tesla over lost electric car factory … Jul 31, 2012 … Remember back in

2008 when electric car maker Tesla Motors changed … has now filed a law suit against Tesla for fraud,

breach of contract, … 2012/ 07/ 31/ new-mexico-developer-suing-tesla-over-lost-electric-car-


lawsuit – Top News – F&I and Showroom Wisconsin Attorney Vince Megna filed a lawsuit against

Tesla Motors this … site was suing for posting fraudulent reviews on behalf of 25 car dealers


Tesla motors | SOMO NEWS: A Fact-Swarming Wiki Jul 8, 2014 … Tesla Co-Founder Eberhard Sues

Elon Musk, Tesla. …. Did Tesla Motors participate in a market rigging scam to rig lithium ion … back

with free …

Tesla Sued Over New Mexico Model S Factory That Never Was Aug 1, 2012 … Tesla Motors‘ decision

to purchase the former NUMMI automotive … against Tesla for fraud, breach of contract, negligent

misrepresentation and … news/ 1078139_tesla-sued-over-new-mexico-model-s-factory-


lawsuit – Top News – Auto Dealer Monthly Wisconsin Attorney Vince Megna filed a lawsuit against

Tesla Motors this … site was suing for posting fraudulent reviews on behalf of 25 car dealers


TESLA TRUTH TICKETS fliers charges: FACT CHECK! TSLA ScandalIn “60 minutes investigation”

Top Tesla PR Department LIES:In “60 minutes investigation”

Senior Tesla Motors Media Consultant quits. Reveals All! Says “STUPID, STUPID NEWS REPORTERS


minutes investigation”

The Green Corruption Files : SoloPower: Another Department of ... 2013/ 04/ solopower-another-department-of-energy.html

Apr 1, 2013 ... SoloPower: Another Department of Energy “Junk Loan” Teetering ... Total

Green CorruptionList of Bankrupt, and here are the three from the ...

Green Corruption: Department of Energy “Junk Loans” - The Green ... 2012/ 04/ green-corruption-department-of-energy.html

Apr 28, 2012 ... Koprowski detailed the Department of Energy's (DOE) lack of caution in backing

hundreds ofmillions of dollars in loans for "tainted solar power ...

Exclusive: DOE corruption—appointed and elected officials should ... columnists/ maritanoon/ 2012/ 11/ 25/

exclusive_doe_corruptionappointed_and_elected_officials_should_face_p rison_time/ page/ full

Nov 25, 2012 ... Exclusive: DOE corruption—appointed and elected officials should face prison time -

Marita Noon - Personal Finance, Financial Advice, Money, ...

Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse to the Office of Inspector General ... directives-documents/ 200-series/ 0221.01-BOrder-a

The order sets forth requirements and responsibilities for reporting fraud, waste, abuse,

misuse, corruption, criminal acts, or mismanagement to the DOE Office of ...

Department of Energy | National Legal and Policy Center -

Sep 30, 2014 ... Energy Dept. Revives Stimulus Loans as Another Electric Vehicle Co. Stalls ....

Accomplishments report-corruption.jpg Donate to NLPC ...

Media Ignore New Emails Detailing Obama Energy Dept. Corruption Big-Journalism/ 2012/ 11/ 11/ Media-Covers-up-Obama-Admin-Emails

Nov 11, 2012 ... One week before the presidential election, a Congressional committee released

Obama administration emails that showed a pattern of political ...

Compilation of Laws on Graft & Corruption - DoE researchers-downloads/ compilation-of-laws-on-graft-corruption -

The Philippine Department of Energy is mandated by RA 7638 (Department of Energy Act of 1992) ...


Marita Noon: More taxpayer dollars for green energy? | RedState diary/ energyrabbit/ 2014/ 07/ 07/ marita-noon-taxpayer-dollars-green-

energy/ -

Jul 7, 2014 ... Green energy was sold to America as a job creator, a cure for global ...

the Department ofEnergy has been tainted by corruption and illegal ...


Corruption in Public Policy. ... Facebook , Google , Energy Department , Kleiner Perkins Caufield &

Byers , Silicon, solyndra, Issa, Upton Investigation, Abound, ... 2013/ 01/ 03/ judicial-watch-ten-most-wanted-corrupt-politicians-for-

2012/ usnews/ politics/ item/ 14092-top-10-%E2%80%9Cmost-

corrupt%E2%80%9D-list-dominated-by-obama-administration 2013/ dgreenfield/ list-of-10-most-corrupt-politicians-in-

washington-includes-4-obama-cabinet-members article/ politics/ magazine/ 100037/ steven-chu-energy-obama-

solyndra press-room/ press-releases/ judicial-watch-announces-list-of-

washingtons-ten-most-wanted-corrupt- politicians-for-2012

Bill Richardson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -

Richardson as Secretary of Energy ... His tenure at the Department of Energy was marred by the Wen

Ho Lee nuclear ..... Allegations of corruption

Key Energy Probing Possible Corruption Involving Mexico Unit - WSJ articles/ key-energy-probing-possible-corruption-involving-mexico-unit-14019195

52 - Jun 4, 2014 ... Key Energy Services said in an SEC filing it is investigating allegations ... the

JusticeDepartment on May 30 and it is fully cooperating with both.

Anti-Corruption Sites - Department of Justice -

Department of State – Bureau of Energy, Economic, and Business Affairs ... Federal Ministry for

Economic Cooperation and Development – Fighting Corruption ...

China's anti-corruption drive focuses on energy industry - -

May 28, 2014 ... A senior official at China's National Energy Association has been dismissed ... anti-

corruption campaign envelops the country's key power sector, long ... his office on behalf of others'

interests” and “accepting massive bribes”, ...

Solyndra-corruption madness coming to your neighborhood 2013/ 12/ solyndra-corruption-madness-coming-to-your-neighborhood/ -

Dec 12, 2013 ... Massive federal funds for local 'clean energy' projects ... that energy programs

out of theDepartment of Energy, environmental programs out of ...

Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians - Judicial Watch press-room/ press-releases/ judicial-watch-announces-list-of-washingtons-

ten-most-wanted-corrupt- politicians-for-2012/ -

: “The final decisions on Solyndra were mine,” said Secretary of Energy Steven Chu in his testimony

before the ...

Charles Homans: How Steven Chu Lost his Battle with Washington ... article/ politics/ magazine/ 100037/ steven-chu-energy-obama-solyndra -

Jan 25, 2012 ... How Steven Chu lost his battle with Washington. In August 2008 ..... Everything that I

know about [Chu] is that he is not a corrupt guy. He would ...

Top 10 “Most Corrupt” List Dominated by Obama Administration usnews/ politics/ item/ 14092-top-10-%E2%80%9Cmost-

corrupt%E2%80%9D-list-dominated-by-obama-a dministration -

Jan 3, 2013 ... Judicial Watch, which investigates and prosecutes official corruption, was ... Secretary

of Energy Steven Chu, meanwhile, earned his spot ...

Newt Gingrich Calls For Steven Chu To Be Fired Over Solyndra ... 2011/ 10/ 04/ newt-gingrich-steven-chu-solyndra_n_995122.html -

Oct 4, 2011 ... ... called for Energy Secretary Steven Chu to be fired for his decision to ... the

mismanagement and potential corruption in the loan for Solyndra.".

List of 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in Washington Includes 4 Obama ... 2013/ dgreenfield/ list-of-10-most-corrupt-politicians-in-washington-

includes-4-obama-ca binet-members/ -

Jan 1, 2013 ... “The final decisions on Solyndra were mine,” said Secretary of Energy Steven Chu in his

testimony before the House Energy and Commerce ...

Steven Chu must go - Energy Dept. Disaster - Stand Up America US corruption-2/ steven-chu-must-go-energy-dept-disaster/

Steven Chu must go – Energy Dept. Disaster. March 19, 2012 | Filed under Corruption | Posted by

yxrzmijmie ... Steven Chu - Energy Secretary and Obama.

The Green Corruption Files : Busting Open Obama Energy ... 2012/ 11/ busting-open-obama-energy-departments.html -

Nov 5, 2012 ... Likewise, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, while testifying before the House Energy and

Commerce Committee in November of 2011, stuck to ...

Michelle Malkin | » Summer of Corruption: Obama's billion-dollar ... 2010/ 08/ 10/ summer-of-corruption-obamas-billion-dollar-earmark-for-

shady-illinois -energy-boondoggle/ -

Aug 10, 2010 ... Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu and U.S. Senator Dick

Durbin announced the awarding of $1 billion in Recovery ..


Steven Chu Reaches for the 'Master Switch' - DAILY NEWS GLOBAL ... -

Overwhelming disdain of market corruption by billionaires follows Fisker hearing. ..... As Daniel Halper

noted earlier today, ex-Energy Secretary Steven Chu ...

Steven Chu | SOMO NEWS: A Fact-Swarming Wiki -

Aug 1, 2014 ... Posts about Steven Chu written by EDITORS. ... because he was “confused, ….. 64)

Oversaw some of the world's worst increases in corruption . news/ 1078139_tesla-sued-over-new-mexico-model-s-factory-

that-never-was 2012/ 07/ 31/ new-mexico-developer-suing-tesla-over-lost-electric-car-





Steven Chu Corruption

DOE Corruption

White House Targeting

Department of Energy Corruption

Goldman Sachs Corruption

Green Corruption

Senator Insider Trading

Dark Money

Silicon Valley Corruption

Solyndra Corruption

Abound Corruption

Fisker Corruption

Tesla Corruption

Ener1 Corruption

Feinstein Corruption

Reid Corruption

Corrupt Billionaires

Afghanistan Lithium

Afghan Minerals

Goldman Sachs Lithium

Panasonic Price Fixing

Lithium ion Dangers

Elon Musk lawsuit



Brad W. Buss - Investor

Ira Ehrenpreis - Investor

Antonio J. Gracias - Investor

Steve Jurvetson - Investor

Harald Kroeger - Investor

Kimbal Musk - Investor

Tim Draper - Investor

Justine Musk- Author

Peter Schweitzer- Author

Elon Musk - Investor

Steven Chu – Dept. of Energy

Matt Rogers- Dept. of Energy

Steve Spinner- Dept. of Energy

Jonathan Silver- Dept. of Energy

Lachlan Seward- Dept. of Energy

David Frantz- Dept. of Energy

Steve Izokowitz- Dept. of Energy

Carol Battershel- Dept. of Energy

Danial Cohen- Dept. of Energy

Rahm Emanuel- White House

Robert Gibbs- White House

David Axelrod- White House

Barack Obama- White House

Valerie Jarrett- White House

Larry Summers- White House

Bill Daley- White House

Steven Rattner- White House

Julian Assange- Author

Edward Snowden- Analyst

Jay Carney- White House

David Plouffe- White House

Eric Holder – DOJ

Larry Page- Google

Eric Schmidt- Google

John Doerr- Kleiner Perkins

Steve Westly- White House

Richard Blum- Senator Feinsteins Husband

Ray Lane- Investor

Elon Musk – CEO – Tesla

Andy Bechtolsheim- Investor

Vinod Khosla- Investor

Martin LaGod- Investor

Ira Ehrenpreis- Investor

Eric Strickland- NHTSA

Tom Perkins- Investor

Tim Draper- Investor

Tom Styer- Investor

Lloyd Craig Blankfein- Head of Goldman Sachs

James Brown Jr.- California HHS

Raj Gupta- McKinsey Consulting

Brian Goncher- Deloitte Consulting

The CTO, CFO and CIO of Goldman

The CTO, CFO and CIO of Kleiner Perkins

The CTO, CFO and CIO of New America Foundation

The CTO, CFO and CIO of Draper Fisher

Dianne Feinstein- Senator

Harry Reid- Senator

The Family of Senator Calderone

Leland Yee- Senator

Nancy Pelosi- Senator

Barbara Boxer – Senator

Arnold Schwarzenegger- Actor

Alexey Mordashov- Russian businessman

Boris Zingarevich- Russian businessman

George Trifonov- Russian businessman

Yuri Savinkov- Russian businessman

Rob Blagoyavitch- Politician

Dmitry Medvedev- Russian businessman

Heinrik Fisker- CEO of Fisker

Allison Spinner- Solyndra

Herb Newman- Newman Search


David Gronet- CEO of Solyndra

The CEO of Abound Solar

The CEO of GM



The CEO of Severstal

The CEO of Ener1

The Family of Gary D. Conley- SolFocus

The Family of Rajeev Motwani- Google

The Family of Forrest Hayes – Google

The Family of James D Johnston- General Motors

The Family of Rory Johnson- CEO

The Family of Stanley Meyer- CEO

The Family of Gabriel Magee - JP Morgan

The Family of William “Bill” Broeksmit - Deutsche Bank

The family of Ravi Kumra-

David Bird- Wall Street Journal

Carol Leonning- Washington Post

Mathew Mosk- CBS News

The family of Andrew Brietbart

Brian Goncher- Deloitte

John Weinberg- Investor

The CEO of McKinsey Consulting

Nick Denton- Gawker Media

The CEO of Perkins Coie

The CEO of Deloitte Consulting

Lois Lerner- IRS

The CEO of Midland Services

The CEO of Technology Management Services

The CEO of IBM Consulting Services

The CEO of Covington & Burling, LLP

The CEO of Debevoise

The CEO of Argonne National Labs

(See a much more extensive list in the Federal and Senate Case Files, available under FOIA

from related entities and law enforcement agencies. Every major law enforcement and

investigative journalism group now has all of the related details on this matter. All of the

material below has been published online, printed in the media or broadcast on a news

broadcast. Additional details and elaboration are held by various investigative entities.

Every state and federal law enforcement agency now has a complete set of the evidence

records and materials)

All of the supporting factual documents and sworn witness testimony is available in open, public,

broadcast hearings. Hundreds of former agency staff, contractors and other credible witnesses are

prepared to testify, in a public hearing, if provided with proper security.

Over 800,000 pages of evidence now exist, to prove the facts in this briefing.







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