How Many People Did Clinton and Obama Really Have Killed To Cover Up Their Crimes?




Gary D. Conley, Rajeev Motwani, Seth Rich and 82+ other Silicon Valley insiders were killed by Obama's and Hillary's folks. Check it out yourself. Look at the videos of their deaths. Examie the facts and decide...




=0D=0A------------=0D=0AFrom: Gary D. Conley []=0D=0ASe=

Accredited & qualified\, Mark Ostler of Cohen & Ostler is my attorney for reference at 650-321-3835. I turned a semiconductor test equipment company (EPRO) around and sold it to Credence\, retiring at 35 in '96. I have seeded up several technology companies and participated in other plays with a loose band of angels. H2GO is still in the formation stage\, but currently it is envisioned as a non-profit\, for-profit\, and band of angels. As a non-profit\, it would use private & government funds to create a City CarShare program in San Jose using fuel cell cars from two of the seven members at the Ca Fuel Cell partnership. This would in turn create the demand for a hydrogen fueling site. The one contracted for the recently announced buses will not be open to the public. The awareness side is both for the public as well as the investment community. I find it odd but true that most in Silicon Valley are behind in many new technologies. A company I seeded up in Florida was far ahead of companies here in the early exploitation of the Internet. To build awareness and further H2 demand\, we are looking to build two power generation fuel cell sites\; one at a winery using methane from composting and the other at a horse ranch using methane digesters and the output from the horses fueling DFC/Combined cycle systems from Fuel Cell Energy. You may have seen the recent extension of net metering as well as allowance to 1 MW production when bio-derived energy is utilized. Finally\, to learn the business and allow for the greatest opportunity to succeed\, H2GO will become a representative and/or distributor for the leading players throughout the industry. I am also trying to get a Ballard or Stuart to locate an R&D center here to take advantage of the talent and financial opportunities. I will fax the NDA back this afternoon and look forward to speaking with you...."

Suspects in the death of Gary  D. Conley include Eric Schmidt, John Doerr and Elon Musk; who Conley Whistle-blew on to the feds!


Suicides By Missouri Politicians Raise Questions About State Ethics ...

Apr 9, 2015 ... Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich committed suicide following political attacks during his campaign for governor. His press secretary, Spence Jackson, committed suicide just one month later. In Missouri, two political suicides have stunned the Republican Party.

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This is a list of assassinated American politicians. Individuals listed were either elected or appointed to office, or were candidates for elected office.

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Oct 26, 2014 ... As everyone knows, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while attending Ford's Theatre on the evening of April 14, 1865. The identity of Lincoln's assassin is no mystery: Famous stage actor John Wilkes Booth fired the fatal shot into Lincoln's head before fleeing the scene.

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Feb 21, 2012 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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