Is Eric Schmidt A 'Bad Man'?, An Opinion


A forensic examination to determine if Google's Eric Schmidt meets the legal definition of “A lying piece of shit” By Carl Waverly


Normally, in the world of publishing, you are not allowed to print an untrue or inaccurate statement about someone.

A number of publishers, blogs and former employees have called Google's boss: Eric Schmidt “...A lying piece of shit..”

Herein, we examine this statement, about Eric Schmidt to determine it's veracity. According to law, each element of the potentially derisive comment must be proven to be true in order for the statement to be published as a factual statement. Let's break it down.

First, the online telephone directories list many hundreds of thousands of different Eric Schmidt's, how do we know that THE Eric Schmidt who lies and is stated to have the attributes of excrement is THE Eric Schmidt from Google? Will the rest of the statement provide clues?

If one assumes, for discussion purpose that the Eric Schmidt, that those other authors have discussed, is the one from Google then what lies has he been documented telling? According to news reports, the following statements by Eric Schmidt of Google were later proven to be untrue.

- Eric Schmidt said he was only slightly involved in President Obama's election yet it was later discovered that Eric Schmidt was sitting in Obama's internet control center on Election Night manipulating search engine effects.

- Eric Schmidt had his lawyers report a few million dollars of contributions to Obama's, Harry Reid's and Dianne Feinstein's political campaigns but it was later discovered that he contributed billions of dollars in services to their campaigns

- Eric Schmidt told reporters that Google has no control over it's search engine results but later, law enforcement and regulators on three continents confirmed that comment to be a lie.

There are many hundreds of statement's by Eric Schmidt which appear to have been later discovered to have been lies. This would seem to qualify the portion of the statement regarding whether Mr. Schmidt is a liar who has been caught “lyng”.

A “Piece” of something is a portion of a whole. Mr. Schmidt would commonly be accepted to be not the only liar in the world. Most would agree that Mr. Schmidt only represents a piece of the total number of liars in the world.

Shit” is described by the online Oxford Dictionary with the following descriptor. This is a scholastic definition which allows the reader to draw their own, final, conclusion.


Pronunciation: /ʃɪt/

vulgar slang


mass noun


1.1count noun An act of defecating.

1.2 (the shits) Diarrhoea.

2count noun A contemptible or worthless person.

3Something worthless; rubbish; nonsense: this book is shit

3.1Unpleasant experiences or treatment: I went through a lot of shit last year

4Things or stuff, especially personal belongings: he left his shit at my flat

4.1Events or circumstances: some crazy shit happened last night

5An intoxicating drug, especially cannabis.

verbshits, shitting; past and past participle shitted or shit or shat /ʃat/

1no object Expel faeces from the body.

1.1with object (shit oneself) Soil one’s clothes as a result of expelling faeces accidentally.

1.2with object (shit oneself) Be very frightened.

2with object Tease or try to deceive (someone).


An exclamation of disgust, anger, or annoyance.



be the shit

US vulgar slang Be outstandingly good or impressive.

beat (or kick) the shit out of

vulgar slang Beat (someone) very severely.

be shitting bricks

vulgar slang Be extremely nervous or frightened.

do bears shit in the woods?

vulgar slang Used to indicate that something is blatantly obvious.

get one's shit together

vulgar slang Organize oneself so as to be able to deal with or achieve something.

give someone the shits

informal, chiefly Australian /NZ Make someone annoyed or angry.

in the shit

vulgar slang In trouble.

like shit

vulgar slang Very bad or badly: drummers get treated like shit I felt like shit this morning
More example sentences

lose one's shit

US vulgar slang Lose one’s composure.

no shit

vulgar slang Used as a way of confirming or seeking confirmation of the truth of a statement.

not give a shit

vulgar slang Not care at all.

not know shit

vulgar slang Not know anything.

shit for brains

vulgar slang, chiefly North American A stupid person.

be up shit creek (also be up shit creek without a paddle)

vulgar slang Be in an awkward predicament.

when the shit hits the fan

vulgar slang When the disastrous consequences of something become public.


Old English scitte 'diarrhoea', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schijten, German scheissen (verb). The term was originally neutral and used without vulgar connotation.

Words that rhyme with shit

acquit, admit, backlit, bedsit, befit, bit, Brit, chit, commit, demit, dit, emit, fit, flit, frit, git, grit, hit, intermit, it, kit, knit, legit, lickety-split, lit, manumit, mishit, mitt, nit, omit, outsit, outwit, permit, pit, pretermit, quit, remit, retrofit, sit, skit, slit, snit, spit, split, sprit, squit, submit, transmit, twit, whit, wit, writ, zit, Google-it




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