San Francisco Penis Building Says It All About Assholes of San Francisco



The new Salesforce Tower in San Francisco already has foundation problems say consultants. On top of that, every single data point entered about a person in the Salesforce database is sent to the NSA and a horde of marketing companies that are eager to rape your privacy and political intentions.

Why is SF such a screwed up shit-hole? Could it be Nancy Pelosi's insider trading scams..or...something more?

San Francisco has become a stinking hell-hole of urine, feces and mindless hipsters: What went wrong?

By The City Hall Insider

No city on Earth needs an Intervention more than San Francisco.

Ever since the Barbary Coast days, the operation of the City government has been devoted to whores, crooked administrators and dressed up gangsters. San Francisco has only let the slime slide into more cracks, over time. The whores are now political prostitutes. The crooked administrators openly steal cash and the Barbary Coast gangsters, who had all moved to North Beach, died out and are replaced by sinister old men and women who you can find curmudgeon-ing into the San Francisco Symphony Hall at each “Opening Night” bash they are required to attend.

San Francisco City Hall allowed the City to become steeped in public urination and shoe-scraping shit at every turn. It did it by catering to momentary bubbles of fad in order to line Mayoral pockets. In order to get David Rockefeller to pad pockets real estate give-aways, like Embarcadero Center were used. The Renown bag men at the Coblentz Law firm moved the money from billionaire to politician.

Then the Mayors office sold the City to Twitter, Google and the scumbags of Silicon Valley. Things got much worse for regular folks but the Mayor’s people pocketed some big personal cash and stock warrants. The police and planning department scandals doubled in size and the nightmare was off to a truly dark place.

The Academy of Art University is a SCAM that the City of San Francisco refuses to shut down. The Academy of Art University, formerly Academy of Art College, is a privately owned for-profit art school in San Francisco, California, in the United States. It was founded as the Academy of Advertising Art by Richard S. Stephens in 1929.[2] It has 283 full-time teachers and 1154 part-time teaching staff, and about 15,000 students;[3] it claims to be the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States.[4] The school is one of the largest property owners in San Francisco, with the main campus located on New Montgomery Street in the South of Market district.[5] Since 2007 the San Francisco city planning commission has held more than twenty hearings relating to possible violations of the land-use laws of the city, including the unauthorized conversion of rent-controlled housing to academic use;[6][7] in May 2016 the city brought a lawsuit against the school.[8] Every other City and even the federal government have shut down these scam for profit “colleges” but San Francisco’s political idiots pocket more money and keep the scam going. The Academy of Art University spends millions of dollars advertising to the world’s naive hipsters that they should come to San Francisco to learn to be “artists” and wear ripped T-shirts. The Academy of Art University teaches kids how to sell their rich parents on funding their kids vacation in San Francisco. Almost NO graduates of The Academy of Art University get careers in art. The Academy of Art University is the largest provider of dead-end lives as “Barista’s” on Earth. The The Academy of Art University is a real estate scam and Ponzi scheme for naive kids. The Academy of Art University sucks at least 30% of the hipster idiots into San Francisco. They all end up leaving with no jobs, homeless and shitting in the street or contemplating suicide at the end of their lifeless Starbucks shift.

San Francisco made so many regular folks unable to afford to live in the City that it created a massive army of homeless people and an elitist attitude that locked all retail bathrooms. The actual yellow rivers of rotten piss and human crap that flow across San Francisco’s sidewalks mirror exactly the minds iof the politicians who are supposed to take care of the City.

The world is not interested in visiting the nightmare that San Francisco has become. Who, in their right mind, wants to leave their perfectly good City to go see a crap-filled City full of elitist, snotty, assholes? You will freeze, become sad and learn the true smell of week old shit if you come to San Francisco.

The Mayor of San Francisco must urgently create a Department of Assholes in order to stave off the fall of the City. As The Yuppie Venture Capital monument known as the Millenium Tower begins its own slow motion fall, the City must accept the fact that things have hit rock bottom.

The Department of Assholes would not help the overwhelming floods of assholes that are rolling, tsunami-like into the City; it would stop them. San Francisco would use the D.O.A. to help itself not become a Sanctuary City for the naive, greed-driven, tone deaf, narcissists that have invaded it.


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