The Excision Of Corruption At The U.S. Department of Energy


The Excision Of Corruption At The U.S. Department of Energy





























1. The act of cutting out; the surgical removal of part or all of a structure of a diseased organ. 
resection (3) .


The U.S. Department of Energy and the Obama White House ordered, financed and operated attacks on domestic taxpaying voters who were solicited by the Department of Energy to engage in Department of Energy programs.

The staff and owners of Bright Automotive, Zap Cars, XP Vehicles, Brammo, Eco-Motors, Aptera, VVC, Bannon Automotive, Local Motors, T3, Think, Biotrike, EV Innovations, Vectrix, Limnia, Revolution Motors, Kleenspeed, Electric Motors Corp, Alte, Phoenix Motors, Wrightspeed, Goodearth, Cooperative Energy, Elio, Transonic, VPG, Electrovaya, ElectroRides, MotorTrike, BG, Futuris, and and host of other domestic companies were lied to and defrauded by Obama’s U.S. Government.

The U.S. Department of Energy owes those parties cash payments for the damages maliciously caused by the DOE attacks against the individual Americans who reported the crimes engaged in by the U.S. DOE and the Obama White House.

The DOE and the Obama White House engaged in the ordering, operation of, financing and administration of attacks against these Americans which included: Financing black-lists, venture capitol black-lists, Google/Facebook/Twitter coordinated attacks and fake news, toxic poisoning, hacking, bugging, DNS black-holes, PayPal buyer hiding, character assassination, sending false information and defamation to employers, HR and recruiting agency database hacking and disinformation placement, the hiring of Fusion GPS/Media Matters/Gawker/Think Progress/In-Q-Tel, et al; for media assassinations, deploying spoof re-direction of websites, the placement of moles and outside agitators inside of those companies, stone-walling of their applications, defrauding applicants, use of the applicants to cover the DOE crony slush-fund, political bribery, anti-trust violations, competitive business spying and other criminal and illicit deeds against Americans.

The employees and contractors at the United States Department of Energy (DOE) are the servants, staff and hired help for the citizen taxpaying voters of the United States of America. They work on their behalf and are paid for their work by those citizen taxpaying voters of the United States of America.

Those who work at DOE as either W2 employees or 1099 contractors have no right or moral position to dictate down to their taxpayer and voter superiors. More critically, those DOE W2 employees or 1099 contractors who abuse their positions in deference to corruption will be excised from the DOE, any and all government work, and all future work.

Over 100,000 new news and media publications have been formed and are broadcasting globally. Those resources are being deployed by the public for these excisions. Digital news publication systems which offer a free fully built complete infrastructure equal to, or greater than, the entire infrastructure of the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal have been given away to vast numbers of onl-ine publishers who are not compromised by corporate interests or sociopath Silicon Valley billionaires.

Over 3 billion citizens in over 40 nations who are now interconnected by social media, and through public forensics organizations like Citizen Sleuths, Online Cops, P2P Crime Stop, etc., now have combined forensic resources far greater than the FBI, CIA, CENTCOM and DIA, combined. Those resources are being deployed by the public for these excisions.

Known journalists and public icons including Sharyl Attkisson, Veronique de Rugy, Carol Leonning, Michael Goodwin, Glenn Greenwald, Senator Ron Johnson, Trey Gowdy, James Woods, Olivia Beavers, Laura Ingraham, Jim Hoft, Paul Joseph Watson, Matt Drudge, Chuck Ross, Jonathan Easley, Katie Bo Williams, and over 10,000 other known writers are supporting these excisions.

Over 5000 news entities including Rasmussen Reports, Drudge Report, ProPublica, ICIJ, Wikileaks, Wall Street Journal, Gateway Pundit, Fair Warning, Axios, Bill Moyers Investigates, 60 Minutes, Center For Public Integrity, CFIR, Mother Jones, INN, The Schuster Institute, Stabile Center, inewsource, The Guardian, Poynter Institute, Nieman lab and thousands of University journalism departments are supporting these excisions.

Representatives Francis Rooney, Trey Gowdy and over 40 other elected officials have called for a purge of the politically corrupt officials at the FBI and the DOJ. Thus, the highest law enforcement entity in America is now publicly disclosed as a “Corrupt Agency.” The fact is that the corrupt officials at DOJ/FBI were covering up the DOE crony payola kick-backs worth over a trillion dollars of illicit tax payer funds. DOE can be held no less accountable than the FBI. These representatives are supporting these excisions.

While all of the above are working together on this goal through collaborative peer-to-peer social media, Streisand Accelerators and P2P databases, their volume-of-resource capability pales in comparison to the billions and billions of voters on the web who are now fully aligned with this goal, have full access to 100% legal CIA-Class forensic tools and who are highly motivated to execute the terminations of these corrupt Obama Administration hold-overs. These hold-overs remain in their jobs simply to operate cover-ups of crony criminal insider trading, bribery, slush-funds, black-lists, character assassinations and other crimes against the public.

Every single one of over 245 forensically identified and quantified individuals employed by DOE and, previously, the Obama White House are now being prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, news investigation capabilities, public exposure resources and public decency protocols.

The process of these excisions is well under-way. The only possible way to end this process is to compensate the victims of these crimes for their damages!

Until such time as justice is served. All parties are encouraged to, 100% legally, terminate the entire illicit operation of every individual at the U.S. Department of Energy using all of the tactics and techniques that they can 100% legally deploy, that were deployed against the victims.






By Andrea Obert


The cost of addiction, whether through substance abuse, consumer spending or gambling fixes, has been well-documented.

Silicon Valley is addicted to, and infected by, the pandemic known as: “Wealth culture” addiction.

Silicon Valley people go sick and twisted lengths to make more money even though it always leaves them ultimately feeling unfulfilled.

Wealth culture” addiction is a phenomenon that is growing and widespread due to Google, Twitter and Facebook pushing this lifestyle. During the financial crisis, one could at wealth and the American dream and how it had gotten bigger and more super-sized and, then when you look at all the stories told about economics, popular culture, gender, the causes of the financial crash and the new rich in China and Russia, they told a bigger story that were connected in our culture.

These are individual data points that, together, document a seismic shift about our values. We’ve gone from a culture that prized hard work, frugality and discretion as the central tenets of the American Dream to a Silicon Valley hyped culture that prizes celebrity, bling and narcissism.

It’s not about wealth but aspiration to wealth. At every level we want more. Whether it’s the currency of beauty, the currency of fame, the currency of branding or the currency of sexuality, ‘Fake it till you make it’ can be just as valuable as having money. Silicon Valley promotes using sex as money and fame as cash to get into the doors of elitism.

This is an epidemic of a growing addiction.

Wealth culture” is unhealthy and unsustainable for our community, relationships and well-being. The addiction of consumerism functions like other addictions so that can be very unhealthy. Ghetto youth have tripled their killings in urban regions due to their frustration with being cut-out of all potential to experience this “Wealth Culture” that Silicon Valley says “Everybody else is doing”.

Part of the cure lies in switching off your TV set, tablet and smartphone and catching up with the people next door. Google, Twitter and Facebook will drive you to suicide if you don’t.

Instagram Girls are not “inspiring models”, they are prostitutes looking for paid sex gigs with foreign men. Make-up tutorial girls on YouTube are desperate narcissists. Twitter shots of supposedly rich people showing their money and cars are all staged using props and pretend bills.

A generation ago people used to compare themselves to their neighbors, now people spend more time with people they know from TV than their actual neighbors and aspire to this very unrealistic image, whether it’s through reality TV or social media, about what life is like. Silicon Valley has built a Wizard of Oz fantasy and told society that this is what everybody else has.

Nobody has yet become the Toto that will pull the curtain back to reveal that the Wizards of Oz at Google, Facebook and Twitter are just pathetic misogynist, rapist, sex abusing, sociopaths who have too much money and too little moral ethics.



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